Wild M20 Lamp Unit

Wild M20 lamp holders are no longer made and the bulb themselves are only available from a specialist supplier in Germany. This quite a rare item these days - the full lamp holder with bulb all in good condition.

Price £53.33 + vat

Wild Phase Contrast Condenser

Wild was universally accepted as one of the quality microscope manufacturers of the last century. The Swiss company was renowned for its precision engineering and eventually merged with the Leitz company which in time became Leica. A Zernike phase contrast condenser with lateral ring adjustment.. Numerical aperture 0.90 with phase rings for 10, 20/40 and 50/100. Condition good.   

Price £45.83 + vat


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The Wild (Heerbrugg) company was founded in 1921 in Switzerland and their microscopes were notable for their fine engineering. Wild merged with Leitz in 1987 and was renamed Wild-Leitz in 1989 and has now become part of Leica Microsystems which is widely considered to be the current most prestigious microscope manufacturer.

Wild Teaching Head

This is a  Wild teaching head that will fit any Wild compound microscope.  These units are not that plentiful these days. Good condition.


Price £62.50 + vat

Wild MPS48 and MPS52 Photography unit

This automatic photography system was developed shortly after the merger of Wild with Leica and the units bear both logos. There are two elements to the system, The camera back (for good old fashioned 35mm film) and a parallax picture field of view and focusing mechanism, coupled with the fully automatic photograph control box. The system works perfectly and has all the necessary cables. ‘Old School’ it might be but there is nothing wrong with ‘Old School’ if it works efficiently.

Price £104.17 + vat

Wild Photography Unit

This unit would fit trinocular Wild M20 compound microscopes. It has a Praktica 35mm roll film camera back complete with the photography attachment with integral photoeyepiece. Manual release and auto port. Good condition.


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We are currently trading online only but delivering as normal. We are operating with a much reduced number of staff which allows us to operate a rota system that removes any social contact and adheres to Government instructions.
Our customer demonstration suite remains closed for obvious safety reasons. However, we would be pleased to support special interest Zoom meetings by arrangment.

Keep safe at this difficult time.

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