Wild Photoautomat MP55

Automatic photomicrography system (without cables). Automatic, manual and flash settings. Asa/din, time and darkfield options.

Price £49.17 + vat

Wild Binocular

Wild Compound microscopes in this condition with this specification are becoming increasingly rare. Six position objective turret with x4 Nikon and all other objectives being Wild originals - x10 plan fluotar (n.a. 0.25), x20 plan fluotar (0.45), x3 fluotar (0.10), x50 plan fluotar (oil immersion n.a. 1.0) and x100 fluotar (oil immersion n.a. 1.30). x10 Wild wide field eyepieces. Mechanical stage in good order with slide claw and double vernier scale. 6v 20 watt Kohler illumination system with separate transformer box. A lovely microscope from this Swiss manufacturer.

Price £437.50 + vat

Wild M11

Occasionally superlatives are not enough. This is a magnificent example of  this precision Swiss made microscope. The paint work of the microscope body and metal case is unblemished and the mechanical condition is as new. All original. Wild objectives x4, x10, and x40 with a x10 eyepiece. Specimen driver and light unit with switch. Now a collectors piece but also an excellent field microscope. Highly recommended. Mechanically as precise as any Swiss watch!

Price £333.33 + vat



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The Wild (Heerbrugg) company was founded in 1921 in Switzerland and their microscopes were notable for their fine engineering. Wild merged with Leitz in 1987 and was renamed Wild-Leitz in 1989 and has now become part of Leica Microsystems which is widely considered to be the current most prestigious microscope manufacturer.

Wild M5A Stereomicroscope

There is little doubt that the engineering behind the Wild brand has been without equal and these microscopes are particularly sought after. This unit is in perfect optical performance but the paint behind the binocular eyetubes does have a number of small chips probably caused by inappropriate storage at some stage. This is reflected in the price despite its perfect optical performance. Click stop magnification change allowing x6, x12, x25 and x50 options with the supper wide field eyepieces. The stand has a transmitted light path option with a tilting mirror. Quality at a very advantageous price.



Wild M20 Binocular

In our view this is one of the best looking microscopes that was ever produced. The engineering is superb and the black enamel paint never looses its shine with age. This particular model is in very good condition with the only sign of age being the slight scuffing to the stage where the slide retaining arm slides back and forth and is to be expected. This is all original with plan fluotar x3 (n.a.0.10), x10 (n.a. 0.40), x20 (n.a. 0.60), x50 (n.a. 1.0) and x100 oil immersion (n.a. 1.30) and x10 eyepieces. Kohler illumination with the characteristic sliding field lens with iris. The stage controls are sound. All in all a fine microscope.

Price £500.00 + vat