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A volume from  Peterson Field Guide written by Boughton Cobb and providing the definitive guide to the ferns of  Northeastern and Central American ferns. 281 pages with many illustrations and diagrams.

Price £13.00


A compilation of readings from ‘Scientific America’ that relate to Immunology. 1976. A mine of information about this important topic. Paper backed with 269 pages. Many  illustrations and a full index.

Price £10.00

Insects Part11

Written by David Sharp and dated from 1901, this is an encyclopedic volume dealing with insect structure. Hard backed and with 624 pages this book is in good condition for its age.

Price £14.00


The modern definitive index for foraminifera by J R Haynes. Prior to this publication the previous book about foraminifera was published in 1902. This book covers all aspects of Foraminifera including technical preparation and classification. Published in 1981 this is a hard backed edition of 433 pages with an index.


Outlines of Zoology

A definitive catalogue of zoology as understood in 1906. Written by J A Thompson. Hardbacked with 856 pages and many excellent illustrative drawings. In very good condition for its age.

Price £16.00

Introduction to Zoology

Published in 1930, this book deals almost entirely with the habits and external structure of the common British Invertebrate animals. Written by R B J Lulham, it is hard backed with 513 pages and many illustrations. Condition good


Clinical Pathology

A definitive account of the pathology of disease from 1951. This covers laboratory testing procedures and their significance in diagnosis. Written by two eminent pathologists of their day, May and Marrack. Hard backed with 512 pages.

Price £13.00

Lowsons Botany

14th revised edition by simon, dormer and hatshorne 1968 hardback with 679 pages. Contains a good chapter on the basic problems of ecological observation and experiment. Many references to economic problems such as food supplies, the production of herbicides and the purification of drinking water.

Price £11.00

Quekett Journals Index

A Quekett Microscopical Club publication compiled by M J Newstead in 1994. It is the cumulative index to the Quekett Journals of Microscopy Volumes 1 to 36 covering 1868 to 1992. Hard backed covering 243 pages. Excellent condition.

Price £14.00

On Mounting Microscopic Objects

This is a book solely dealing with the preparation and mounting of microscopic objects. Written by Thomas Davies this second edition dates from 1873 and is a mine of information - although not all the chemicals referred to could be obtained legally these days! Hard backed and covering 214 pages of close text with some drawings. Its content is all still very relevant today and it is a compliment to the techniques that they have not really been surpassed after all this time. Condition good for age

Price £15

Forest Entomology

A fine hard backed book dated 1908 by A T Gillanders. The definitive account of this habitat and includes 351 illustrations. 416 pages in in good condition. Published by Blackwood and Sons.

Price £17.00

Mushrooms and Toadstools

From the Collins New Naturalist Series this is a description of the mushrooms and toadstools found in the UK. Written by J Ramsbottom and reprinted here in 1977. Hard backed with original dust cover. 306 pages with numerous black and white photographs. Very good condition.

Price £13.00

Peripatus Myriapods and Insects

This is an unusual book published in 1901 that covers the structure and function of slugs, millipedes and insects. Written by Sedgewick, Sinclair and Sharp. Hard backed with 584 pages and in good condition considering its age. Recommended.

Price £22.00

Structural Botany - Flowering Plants

An introduction to structural botany - part 1 - Flowering Plants. Written by Scott and Brooks and published by A & C Black in 1927. Numerous drawings. Hard backed with 308 pages. Good condition for its age.

Price £12.00

The Study of Biology

Published in 1965 this excellent hard backed book covers in detail the principles behind all aspect of biology. Seen as a University primer, its content is still very relevant today. Written by Baker - Allen with 667 pages and many diagrams and illustrations. Condition very good

Price £14.00

World Beneath the Microscope

This is an excellent book published jointly by Watson and Baker at the time when they were both competitors but both leading in the development of the British microscope market. It is a series of black and white photomicrographs of excellent quality. Published in 1935 , this is a hard backed book with some 80 microscope images. Recommended.

Price £18.00

Practical Microscopy

One of the ‘Blackies Technique’ series dated 1931. Written by Martin and Johnson this is a hard backed pocket book with 116 pages with many illustrations. A treatise on the theory and application of the use of microscopes that is still very relevant today.

Price £8.00

An Atlas of British Diatoms

This is the definitive publication that describes the species of British Diatoms. These single cell plants have fascinated microscopists over the years and indeed some species are used to test the resolution of microscopes. There is an amazing array of drawings detailing the subtle differences.  Arranged by  B Hartley based on illustrations by H G Barber and J R Carter and edited by P A Sims. Hard backed with 601 pages and countless illustrations.


The Microscope Part 11

Published by R & J Beck (the microscope people) this is the advanced support book for their microscopes. Beck being of course one of the historical British microscope manufacturers. Written by Conrad Beck  (now C.B.E.)  This takes the understanding of light microscopy into the realms of mathematics and back.. Hard backed  with 231 pages.

Price £12.00

Journal of the RMS

This is a hard backed copy of the proceedings of The Royal Microscopical Society for 1902. Established in 1839 and incorporated by Royal Charter in 1866 the RMS is responsible for the microscopy standards of today which includes the standard size microscope slide of 3 x 1 inches. This is a hard backed compilation of its publications in 1902.

Price £8.00

Practical Microscopy

One of the series of Blackie’s ‘Technique’ series. If only they were still publishing these today we would all be so more knowledgeable. However this is a hard back book covering all the aspects of microscopes as scientific instruments. Written by Martin and Johnson it has 114 pages packed with information. The dust cover has lost its spine but apart from that it is in good condition.



This is one of the Teach Yourself Series of technology books. ‘Give instruction to a wise man and he will be yet wiser’ Proverbs 9.9. How true that is although today the mantel has probably passed to ‘Youtube’! Dating from the 1960’s this hard backed book (with index) covers all aspects of using a microscope in a very understandable way. Ideal for all levels of microscopy experience.


Amateur Photomicrography

Written by Alan Jackson and published in 1940, this book maybe from a time of camera film that has long gone but all the optical principles that it describes are still the same and relevant. Hard backed with 152 pages with an index an excellent book with some very impressive photomicrographs.

Price £10.00


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