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A volume from  Peterson Field Guide written by Boughton Cobb and providing the definitive guide to the ferns of  Northeastern and Central American ferns. 281 pages with many illustrations and diagrams.

Price £13.00


A compilation of readings from ‘Scientific America’ that relate to Immunology. 1976. A mine of information about this important topic. Paper backed with 269 pages. Many  illustrations and a full index.

Price £10.00

Insects Part 11

Written by David Sharp and dated from 1901, this is an encyclopedic volume dealing with insect structure. Hard backed and with 624 pages this book is in good condition for its age.

Price £14.00

The Sea Shore

If you are interested in the sea shore its all in this book. It covers the larger animals as well as the small that need a microscope. Dated from 1903 it is in good condition for its age. 486 pages and hard backed. There are some colour plates which is relatively rare at that time.

Price £10.00

Outlines of Zoology

A definitive catalogue of zoology as understood in 1906. Written by J A Thompson. Hardbacked with 856 pages and many excellent illustrative drawings. In very good condition for its age.

Price £16.00

Plant Form and Function

This is an encyclopaedic book that links the structure of plants with their function, following the adage that ‘form follows function’. In may have been written in 1941 but remains very relevant today and in a mine of information. Written by Fritsch and Salisbury it is hard backed with 667 pages and of course an index.


Clinical Pathology

A definitive account of the pathology of disease from 1951. This covers laboratory testing procedures and their significance in diagnosis. Written by two eminent pathologists of their day, May and Marrack. Hard backed with 512 pages.

Price £13.00

Lowsons Botany

14th revised edition by simon, dormer and hatshorne 1968 hardback with 679 pages. Contains a good chapter on the basic problems of ecological observation and experiment. Many references to economic problems such as food supplies, the production of herbicides and the purification of drinking water.

Price £11.00

Quekett Journals Index

A Quekett Microscopical Club publication compiled by M J Newstead in 1994. It is the cumulative index to the Quekett Journals of Microscopy Volumes 1 to 36 covering 1868 to 1992. Hard backed covering 243 pages. Excellent condition.

Price £14.00

A Popular Handbook to the Microscope

This is an excellent read that covers the practice of using a microscope and more importantly a very large section that deals with specimen preparation of all types. This is the part of microscopy that is poorly covered in current publications. Written by Lewis Wright in 1895 at the time when microscopy technique was being established and much of it remains unaltered to this day. Hard backed with 256 pages including an index. Many illustrations


Light for Students

Most would agree that the dominant issue in microscopy is what light does and the way in which it behaves. That is how we see thinks. This book deals in detail (sometimes mathematical detail) the way in which light behaves and the way that are eyes perceive it Written by Edwin Edser in 1915 (still very relevant) the hard backed book covers 579 pages and includes numerous diagrams and equations. One for the serious physicist.


Mushrooms and Toadstools

From the Collins New Naturalist Series this is a description of the mushrooms and toadstools found in the UK. Written by J Ramsbottom and reprinted here in 1977. Hard backed with original dust cover. 306 pages with numerous black and white photographs. Very good condition.

Price £13.00

The Microscope

This is a well written book covering the theory and practical use of microscopes. J H Wredden and published by J & A Chruchill in 1947. The content is still very relevant today and there are many excellent prints of very collectable microscopes by today’s standards. Hard backed with 296 pages with some very useful appendices and for the ‘grey beards’ among us a full set of log tables - ah those halcyon days!


Structural Botany - Flowering Plants

An introduction to structural botany - part 1 - Flowering Plants. Written by Scott and Brooks and published by A & C Black in 1927. Numerous drawings. Hard backed with 308 pages. Good condition for its age.

Price £12.00

The Microscope shown to the Children

Down the generations parents and grandparents have associated an interest in microscopes with ’scholarlyness’. This book written by Captain Ellison Hawks looks at microscopy from the perspective of the instant results that children demand (even in 1919!). Hard backed and with 146 pages this looks at making slides to interest children from mites and ticks to pond life. There are a large number of photographs as well as drawings which is unusual in a book from this period. It is showing its age a bit but well put together.

Price £10.00

Common Objects of the Microscope.

This excellent book is all about preparing specimens for the microscope sand covers just about all types ranging from plants to feathers to even teeth! Written by Rev J G Wood and is hard backed with 186 pages including an index. There are some excellent plates and illustrations.


Half Hours with the Microscope

This one of the most popular microscopy books written and went to many editions, this volume is from the 17th edition and would date from approximately 1920 or so. The idea was to help amateur microscopists spend a worthwhile 30 minutes with their microscopes in the garden, country, seashore  and near a pond and the book is divided into those sections. Hard backed and written by Dr Lankester who was one of the Presidents of the Royal Microscopical Society (RMS).


Single Lens

This is a historical review of the history of the single lens simple microscope and the discoveries that this basic of scientific instruments made. Fascinating read. Hard backed with dust cover, 182 pages and written by Brian J Ford


Price £10.00

Using the Microscope - a guide for naturalists

Written by Eric V Grave this card backed large book has 189 pages. Its content is based on a special for amateur naturalists at the New York Microscopical Society. Many excellent photographs.


Price £8.00

The Seeing Eye

Not specifically about microscopy but more fundamentally than that this book is about the eye and how we see things. Fascinating read. Written by H Asher and hard backed with 271 pages, good condition.

Price £ 8.00

God Bless the Microscope

Written by Gerard L’E Turner (a prolific microscopy book writer) this is a complete history of the Royal Microscopical Society (RMS) over 150 years. Hard backed with 166 pages and some excellent photographs down the ages. Excellent condition.

Price £10.00

Textbook of Botany

The definitive textbook of Botany running into 620 pages with index. Hard backed and written by Lowson. There is nothing else you would need to know about the anatomy and physiology of plants with many, many illustrations.

Price £8.00

Essays on the History of the Microscope

Collated by Gerard L’E Turner this book is a collection of fascinating papers written about the history of the microscope that have been previously published elsewhere. For those interested in the history of the microscope this would be an Aladdins cave of a book. Card backed with 245 pages and in good condition.



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Practical Microscopy

As the name suggests this book is all about how to do things - both using the microscope correctly and the much needed practical tips on how to make specimen preparations. Written by C L Duddington and published by Pitman, many diagrams and illustrations. Hard backed with 230 pages and index.


Invertebrate Fossils

This is a substantial and very specialised book and will remain the definitive work in this area. Compiled in 1952 it covers the entirety of invertebrate fossil identification. Hard backed with many unique illustrations and over 500 pages. Lead author Moore.


A Guide to Wood Microtomy

Making cut sections of wood with a microtome is as difficult as it gets in the area of specimen preparation. One of the few to have developed an expertise in the process was the late Ernie Ives. Ernie was a very practical man and this book lays out in easy to understand terms how to carry out microtomy of this difficult material. Card backed with 114 pages and an index. Condition excellent.



Another of those classic microscopy books written a long time ago (1920) but still as relevant today as then. Written by E J Spitta this covers the theory and practice of the optical microscope. Hard backed with 537 pages with many black and white images. The cover shows its age at the corners which have been reinforced.


The Microscope and How to use it

An excellent book covering how to use a microscope and how to make specimens for it. Written by Dr G Stehli and published by Oak Tree Press. Hard backed with 156 pages and an index

Price £8.00

Elementary Microtechnique

This in a mine of information for those who enjoy or need to make slide preparations from a very wide range of specimen types. Written by H A Peacock, this is a second edition dating from 1945. The methodology described is all based on an understanding of the principles involved.


Notes on Microscopical Technique for Zoologists

This is a hard backed book written about the techniques used by research students in Zoology at the University of Cambridge. Edited by C.F.A. Pantin. Hard backed.

Price £8.00

Collecting Microscopes

A must for antique microscope collectors or for those with a fascination with the microscopes that saw the microscopic world around us for the first time. Based on microscopes that have been sold by the auction house Christie’s. Hard backed with many excellent quality coloured photographs.  Compiled by Gerard L’E Turner


Microscopical Papers from the Quekett

A collection of 35 completed volumes of the Quekett Club Journal. Edited by Brian Bracegirdle. Exceptional information and detailed practical instruction on most aspects of the light microscope. Produce in 1989.