Olympus Condenser

In excellent condition , this is an Olympus condenser with iris diaphragm.

Price £18.33 + vat

Olympus Varimagni Finder

This combination of high quality angle finder and magnifier allows viewing from above the camera. The eyepiece tube rotates through a full 360 degrees. Images reflected on a focus screen can be changed between x1.2 and x2.5 . Excellent condition and complete with fitting and operation instructions.  

Price £92.50 + vat

Olympus Stereo Gemscope

This is a stereo gemscope in very good condition and appropriately equipped for gem study. The microscope head has ‘click stop’ magnification changing x6.3, x10, x16, x25 and x40 together with a x2 supplementary objective which doubles these options. The instrument has a telescope support pole which allows a very wide range of specimen sizes to be studied. x10 wide field eyepieces. Incident illumination is by a fluorescent strip light with the transmitted lighting being a quartz halogen  12 volt 100 watt system. This has fan cooling within the base of the microscope. Both lighting systems have their own transformer units. Polariser/analyser filter system with the option to alternate the background from black to white. A very nice microscope that has been configured to make it fit for purpose.

Price £412.50 + vat

Olympus Lamp Unit

An Olympus Kohler illumination system. Pole stand to allow adjustment of height and angle. Iris diaphragm with a filament focus system. 6v 20 watt rheostat controlled transformer box. This unit is offered at a very good price because the paint on the circular bas has ‘suffered’ over the years


Olympus Binocular head

This is an Olympus binocular head in very good condition and complete with Olympus x10 wide field eyepieces with 22mm exit diameter. Standard interocular and dioptric controls.

Price £87.50 + vat

Olympus VT-II Stereo

One of the classic Olympus stereos. Objectives x1 and x2 with Wide field x10 eyepieces. Giving the magnification options of x10 and x20. Rack and pinion focus with an integral carrying handle. Finished in grey enamel with a dissection plate. Condition good

Price £166.67 + vat


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Japanese microscope manufacturer of high precision and specification equipment. One of the market leaders.

Olympus x2 Objective

In good condition, this is a x2 auxiliary objective lens for the Olympus SZ stereomicroscope.


Olympus VMT Stereomicroscope

Olympus probably sold more of these excellent stereomicroscopes than any of their others models. Sturdy, well constructed and with an excellent optical performance sums up the attributes of the VMT series. This particular microscope has x20 eyepieces with x1 and x2 objective pairs in the turret giving the magnification options of x20 and x40. Rack and pinion focus control throughout, stage clips and glass dissection plate. Very good condition all original.

Price £208.33 + vat

Olympus SZ Stereomicroscope

This is one of the iconic Olympus stereomicroscopes that have been copied by other manufacturers through the years. The SZ is characterised by its dome shaped head and the telescopic pole stand which allows specimens of quite different  depths to be accommodated. The zoom mechanism allows a magnification range of x7 to x40 with the standard x10 eyepieces. This particular unit additionally has x20 eyepieces. The stand has a raised base with mirror sub stage illumination. The condition is excellent and the unit is complete with its original substantial wooden case