Olympus CCTV Adapter

This is a CCTV adapter complete with C mount and an integral NFK photoeyepiece. Olympus part number U-PMTVC. Will fit any standard diameter trinocular tube

Price £79.17 + vat

Olympus Varimagni Finder

This combination of high quality angle finder and magnifier allows viewing from above the camera. The eyepiece tube rotates through a full 360 degrees. Images reflected on a focus screen can be changed between x1.2 and x2.5 . Excellent condition and complete with fitting and operation instructions.  

Price £92.50 + vat

Olympus Stereo Gemscope

This is a stereo gemscope in very good condition and appropriately equipped for gem study. The microscope head has ‘click stop’ magnification changing x6.3, x10, x16, x25 and x40 together with a x2 supplementary objective which doubles these options. The instrument has a telescope support pole which allows a very wide range of specimen sizes to be studied. x10 wide field eyepieces. Incident illumination is by a fluorescent strip light with the transmitted lighting being a quartz halogen  12 volt 100 watt system. This has fan cooling within the base of the microscope. Both lighting systems have their own transformer units. Polariser/analyser filter system with the option to alternate the background from black to white. A very nice microscope that has been configured to make it fit for purpose.


Olympus Drawing Attachment

This is the Olympus U-DA drawing attachment that has never been used and is in its original packaging with instruction booklet. It is suitable for Olympus BX40, BX50, BX60, BX41, BX45, BX51 and BX52 microscopes. Drawing attachments are becoming increasingly rare and this is an opportunity at a massive reduction in list price.

Price £495.00 + vat

Olympus BH2 Trinocular

The Olympus BH2 is without doubt an iconic microscope that is largely responsible for the position of quality that Olympus holds within the microscope world and this is a very good example. It is all original apart from the x100 objective which having seen better days is replaced by one of our own plan objectives. It has DPlan 160mm tube length objectives x4, x10, x20, x40 and x100 oil. Full mechanical stage with focusing substage condenser. Coaxial coarse and fine focus with tension adjustment and focus stop. Trinocular head with lever adjustment and x10 wide field eyepieces. External light box with 12v 100 watt quartz halogen illumination system. Kohler illumination with a visible voltmeter to the front of the base. This unit has been regularly serviced and is in really good condition.


Olympus VT-II Stereo

One of the classic Olympus stereos. Objectives x1 and x2 with Wide field x10 eyepieces. Giving the magnification options of x10 and x20. Rack and pinion focus with an integral carrying handle. Finished in grey enamel with a dissection plate. Condition good

Price £166.67 + vat


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Olympus Phase Contrast System

This is an Olympus Zernike Phase Contrast unit from an Olympus CH40. It consists of the Zernike condenser with a bright field position and integral phase rings for x10, x20, x40 and x100 objectives. The condenser has an iris diaphragm and the usual mechanism for centring the phase rings. There are three plan phase contrast objectives x10 (0.25), x20 (0.40) and x40 (0.65). Olympus Phase telescope.


Olympus VMT Stereomicroscope

Olympus probably sold more of these excellent stereomicroscopes than any of their others models. Sturdy, well constructed and with an excellent optical performance sums up the attributes of the VMT series. This particular microscope has x20 eyepieces with x1 and x2 objective pairs in the turret giving the magnification options of x20 and x40. Rack and pinion focus control throughout, stage clips and glass dissection plate. Very good condition all original.

Price £208.33 + vat

Olympus CX21 Binocular

The CX21 compound microscope was the Olympus answer to more affordable microscopy yet from a brand that is trusted for quality. The Olympus build quality is evident on this unit even though it has seen good service and has the odd mark or two on the base and the stage surface shows the mark of slides being used. Infinity corrected objectives x4, x10, x40 and x100 (oil immersion) with x10 wide field eyepieces. Full mechanical stage with substage focusing condenser with iris diaphragm. Quartz halogen illumination system with brightness control. An opportunity to obtain a leading brand microscope for a very good price.



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