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Android Digital Microscope

This is a unit that has been used only by ourselves for customer demonstration. This is basically a standard laboratory microscope with a digital camera built in that sends its images to a screen that is attached to the microscope. The microscope has x4, x10, x4 and x100 objectives with x10 wide field eyepieces giving a magnification range of x40 to x1000. Full mechanical stage with a substage condenser and iris diaphragm. Halogen illumination. The screen software is Android based with a ‘touch screen’. Images can be sent by WiFi and emailed directly from the microscope. The microscope can take still images and videos directly into its software which also includes picture editing such as crop, rotate, mirror etc. In addition there is inbuilt measuring with a variety of dimensions. The screen has SD card storage and HDMI output to another screen - such as a large TV  and a connection for a mouse.

This is microscopy for tomorrow with computers and microscopes linked. If you are unsure of your ability to master such an animal, rest assured we have our own IT support in house which would be available to you as part of this purchase.

Price £1041.67 + vat

Brunel SP95i Inverted Microscope

This is an ex demonstration unit used only by ourselves and is fully guaranteed. This is an inverted biological microscope ideal for cell culture and microbiology examinations of all types. It has a binocular viewing head and a camera port.  The binocular head has extra widefield x10 eyepieces with full interocular and dioptric adjustment. High performance, long working distance planachromatic objectives x10, x10 phase contrast, x25 and x40. The specimen stage measures 200 x 155mm and is fitted with a circular and rectangular removable plate, to give inspection ports to suit petri dishes and cell culture equipment. Drop down coaxial movement controls with a traversing distance of 75mm (X axis) and 50mm (Y axis).  The illumination system is 6 volt 20 watt rheostat controlled quartz halogen with full lamp centring and focus controls. The unit is fitted with a field iris diaphragm which enables Kohler illumination. Condition as new

Price £700.00 + vat

Brunel SP300P Polarising Microscope

Used only by ourselves for customer demonstrations and fully guaranteed. Trinocular head with full interocular and dioptric adjustment, supplied complete with x10 widefield and crosshair eyepieces. Slider analyser filter with a remote rotating circular scale that is very easy and convenient to use. This graduated control rotates the internal analyser. Slide in Bertrand lens with lateral position adjusters to ensure centralising in the optical path for conoscopic examination. The polarising head unit houses a filter slot to accommodate the quartz wedge, wavelength and quarter wavelength retardation plates. Quadruple objective turret with x4, x10, x40 and x60 planachromatic long working distance, strain free polarising objectives. Three of the settings have lateral adjustment to allow the objectives to be centred in the optical path. The fourth objective (x10 recommended) is centred using the lateral adjusters of the specimen stage.The SP300P has low position coaxial coarse and fine focus controls with tension adjustment and variable focus stop. The microscope has a full Kohler illumination system with a field lens and iris diaphragm.  Rheostat controlled 6 volt 20 watt illumination system.

Price £1450.00 + vat


Brunel SP110MBD

This unit has been used by ourselves for customer demonstrations. The SP110M Series are extremely versatile metallurgical microscopes. The pole stand and base arrangement allows large surface areas as well as very thick materials to be examined. These are an ideal instruments for the inspection of surfaces of all types and electronic circuit boards for example. It is also extremely effective for specimen measurement. The SP110BD can toggle between bright and dark field observation simply, by a push/pull lever. Similarly polarisation filters can be introduced to the optical path, and the polarising filter can be rotated through 360° via a thumb wheel arrangement. Objectives x5, x10, x20 and x50, with x10 wide field eyepieces. A massive saving

Price £2487.50 + vat

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Brunel SP78P Binocular

This is a full specification polarising microscope complete with rotating circular stage, polariser/analyser, Bertrand lens and retardation plates and has been used only by ourselves for customer demonstrations. Complete with strain free achromatic objectives x4, x10, x40 and x63. The stage has a graduated chapter ring and lateral centring adjusters. The microscope stand has low position coaxial coarse and fine focus controls The analyser can be positioned in or out of the optical path and rotated to cross with the polarising filter. Lambda and ¼ lambda retardation plates and a quartz wedge. 6v 20 watt  quartz halogen illumination with brightness control. Excellent value.

Price £420.83 + vat

Brunel SP105M Trinocular

Used only by ourselves for customer demonstration, the Brunel SP105M is an inverted metallurgical microscope with infinity plan  objectives of the UIS standard, x5, x10, x20 and x50. The microscope stand itself is of a very modern design, with easy access to all parts. A particularly notable feature is the low position side port for photography and CCTV. This position avoids the traditional trinocular configuration, and therefore improves the visibility and access of the stage area. The stage measures 242 x 200mm with a long drop down coaxial control mechanism. There is a removable centre circle and specimen clamp. The light source has an integral filament adjustment control and is 6 volts 30 watt . There are both field and aperture diaphragm control allowing Kohler illumination and there is polarisation as an option. Focus is by movement of the objective turret and the coaxial coarse and fine focus controls have tension adjustment and a variable focus stop. Massive saving

Price £1208.33 + vat

Brunel SP200XM Trinocular

An industrial standard metallurgical trinocular microscope with a particularly large specimen stage.  The trinocular head allows full illumination to the binocular head or to the trinocular tube for digital photography. Full interocular and dioptric adjustment, x10 wide field eyepieces. Non coverslip adjusted, long working distance plan objectives x4, x10, x40 and x60. The mechanical stage platform measures 140 x 185mm with drop down coaxial controls. The SP200XM has a 6v, 20 watt quartz halogen incident illumination system with rheostat brightness control and iris diaphragm with lateral movement adjusters. The trinocular head has a push in/ pull out polarising filter and the semi rotating analyser filter allows polarised light observation.

Price: £600.00 + vat

Brunel SP75 Polarising Microscope

The Brunel SP-75P specification features include a rotating monocular head with x10 widefield eyepiece and crosshair eyepiece, filter slot to accommodate the quarter wavelength and full wave length retardation plates that are provided as standard with this microscope, rotating graduated circular stage, with clamping mechanism and lateral adjustment which allows each objective to be positioned centrally in the optical path, triple objective turret with an excellent and very positive indexing mechanism, housing x4, x10 and x40 strain free polarising objectives, abbe condenser with rack and pinion focusing, filter carrier and iris diaphragm. The fully rotating polarising filter is housed above the field lens with a swing out mechanism so that it can be removed easily from the optical path. This unit originally supplied by ourselves is in very good condition. Good value.

Price £315 + vat


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Brunel SP60P Polarising Microscope

 Used only by ourselves for customer demonstrations. The main features are excellent for a microscope of this class and includes coaxial coarse and fine focus with focus stop and tension adjustment, rheostat controlled quartz halogen illumination with easy change bulb trap door and a full substage condenser system.

The trinocular head has binocular eyetubes with independent dioptric control and interocular distance adjustment. The trinocular head is fully rotatable. The backwards facing four position objective turret is complete with x4, x10, x40 and x60 achromatic objectives, matched with a x10 widefield eyepiece.

The circular stage is graduated through 360 degrees, and can be clamped into position if required. It has full lateral adjustment to centre the polarising objectives in the optical path. The analyser filter is placed in situ underneath the monocular head of the microscope and can be removed from the light path via a push/pull lever. The substage condenser has an iris diaphragm and attached to the top of the field lens is the fully rotating polarising filter.

Price £325.00 + vat

Reichert Zetopan Trinocular

This is one of the great classic microscopes of our time. Built in a modular way these microscopes can be adapted for all applications. This is one of the later models with the 12 volt 100 watt illumination system and has the original Reichert transformer box which is unusual these days. Mechanically this microscope is in excellent condition. The only negative is that there are some marks on the paint of the base. Apart from the microscope is in very good condition. Objectives x20 (n.a. 0.65), x40 (n.a. 0.65), x63 (oil immersion)(n.a. 1.00) and x100 (oil immersion)(n.a.1.25). With x8 plan eyepieces. Kohler illumination and an epi illumination system that only needs the incident light unit. A nice microscope.

Price £541.67 + vat

XSZ-H Trinocular Phase Contrast

For its specification this is an excellent value microscope. Its source is a Russian/Chinese mix. The Russian Biolam series microscopes made in St Petersburg were heralded as excellent value for money and incredible robust mechanics. The Biolam range has now sadly long gone, but there is now a co-operation between Russia and China to keep this value for money ethic alive. Trinocular head with x10 wide field eyepieces. Zernike phase contrast condenser with x4 bright field and x10, x40 and x100 semi plan phase contrast objectives and phase eyepiece telescope. Full mechanical stage with drop down controls. Quartz halogen illumination system with brightness control. A solid microscope in good condition.

Price £462.50 + vat

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