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Prepared Slides

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Sections of Stem

An excellent set of  13 different stem sections each stained to show the botanical cell structure. The plants are Water Lilly, Elder, Aquarium Weed, Rush, Broom, Sunflower, Pond Weed, Vetch, Spotted Dead Nettle, Grass, Pumpkin, Lime and Wheat. All extremely well presented.

Price £21.67 + vat

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NBS Polarspex Set

Designed by the late Eric Marson of NBS, this is an ingenious way of viewing polarising material either with a hand lens or the x4 and x10 objectives of biological microscopes. The Polarspex consists of two crossed polarising filters with a slot to allow slides to be introduced between the two. It will also fit onto the stages of biological microscopes and the working distance of the x4 and x10 objectives will allow the slides to be viewed. Includes six slides.


Water Life Slides

This is a set of 12 commercially prepared slides showing the many aspects of water life which includes various protozoa, single cell plants and other microscopic creatures. Hydra, paramecium, vorticella, cladophore, volvox, chlorella, ulothrix, spirogyra, euglena, planarian etc.

Price £10.00 + vat

Root sections

Five stained sections of root, includes helianthus, solanum tube and anunculus, lepidium rootlet and vicia root with lateral

Price £5.00 + vat

Human Tissue Slides

A set of eight human tissue slides stained by Haematoxylin and Eosin. Tissue types include placenta, tongue, spinal cord, skin, umbilical cord, uterus, thyroid and spermatozoa.


NBS Fungi Slides

An excellent set of nine different fungi slides. Stained and labelled.


Hydra Slide Set

An excellent set of six slides showing the life cycle of the hydra. Includes hydra E, hydra TS and LS, hydra LS with ingested material, LS with bud, TS with testis and TS with ovary. Complete with presentation box.


Sections of Wood

A set of nine different sections of wood. Wood is of course difficult to section and the quality of these slides is exceptional for such a difficult specimen type. Each slide has three presentations  - transverse, longitudinal and oblique sections suitable stained. Slides like these are difficult to come by these days.


Human Tissue Slides

A set of five human tissue slides. Stained with Haematoxylin and Eosin the tissues include, artery&vein, umbilical cord, liver, submaxillary gland and mammary gland. Complete with a slide box.

Price £5.00 + vat

Chick Embryo Development Slides

An amazing set of 10 slides that have been produced with great technical skill which has required some of the slides to have a build up of mountant to contain the depth of specimen. Others have been ringed as appropriate. Each slide shows the complete chicken foetus at the following stages of early development. 18 hours, 24 hours, 30 hours, 33 hours, 36 hours, 40 hours, 48 hours, 60 hours, 66 hours and 72 hours. We have not seen such a series before.  

Price £23.33 + vat

Botany Slides

Twelve slides of various stained botany tissues. Including flower buds, pollen, pollen germination and seed structure.


Slides of Flower and Seed parts

This an excellent series of stained sections of flower and seed parts which includes whole flowers, buds, flower parts and pollen. Beautifully stained to show the relevant structural parts.


Price £20.00 + vat


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Slides of Leaf Sections

This an excellent series of stained sections of a variety of leaves. Beautifully stained to show the relevant structural parts. Recommended  

Price £10.83 + vat