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Prepared Slides

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Ground Rock Sections

Seven well presented ground rock sections of considerable surface area and coverslipped. Prepared in 1993 with the name S. L. Toyn. Specimens include limestone from the Avon Gorge, Pumice from Sicily, Limestone with foraminifera from Ambleside, Limestone from the Mendips, Oolite from Dorset, Rhyolite from Snowdon and Fossil Oolite from Gloucester.


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Slides of Hair

A set of nine slide of whole mount hair mounted in Euparol (alcoholic mountant). Circular coverslips that have been doubled ringed in white and red. Specimens include; camel, cat, chinchilla,deer, goat, horse, pine martin and sheep.


Diatom Slides

This is a set of 18 strewn and specimen diatom slides. Made by the later Eric Marson of Northern Biological Supplies (NBS). From the style of the labels they would seem to span a good few years in age. A collectors set.


Botanical Slides

This is a set of excellently prepared and stained sections of botanical material including stem, leaf and bud whole mounts. Some have multiple presentations of the same material from a different perspective. All labelled and very well presented.


Dry Mount Slides

A set of dry mount specimens mounted in ring slides and ringed with red and white acrylic. Dated from 1993 and prepared by Laycock. Specimens include wasp nest wall, ram horn, deer antler, butterfly wing, porcupine quill, emu feather, cat claw and spider egg casing


Dry Mount Sand Slides

A set of 10 dry mounts of sand. These are excellent and very neat preparations that are ringed with printed labels. The sand comes from beaches in Scotland and India.


Specimen Diatom Slides

A set of  seven diatom slides from a number of preparers including one by  R I Firth who did much to categorise diatoms in the UK. Also slides by D T Richardson and H Lovett. Specimens from Holland, USA and the UK,


NBS Diatom Slides

Northern Biological Supplies was owned and operated by the late Eric Marson who was a prolific slide preparer making very affordable slides from a very wide range of specimen types. His test diatom sets are now well sought after and this is the complete set of six slides..  


Parasite Slides

A set of nine slide preparations from the darker side of live! Well prepared and presented the slides include liver fluke (whole mount), mites, bed bug (male and female), fleas (male and female), mosquito, leech, mosquito larva and head louse. Not for the faint hearted!

Price £26. 25 + vat

Chick Embryo Development Slides

An amazing set of 6 slides that have been produced with great technical skill which has required some of the slides to have a build up of mountant to contain the depth of specimen. Others have been ringed as appropriate. Each slide shows the complete chicken foetus at the following stages of early development. 18 hours, 24 hours, 30 hours, 36 hours, 40 hours, 48 hours, 60 hours, 66 hours and 72 hours. We have not seen such a series before.  

£14.58 + vat

Diatom Slides by B Hartley

Bernard Hartley from Yeovil Somerset was a civil engineer by profession but began mounting diatoms in the 1950’s. He worked with R I Firth on identifying and systematising all British species. This culminated in the production of the definitive book which he wrote with others - An Atlas of British Diatoms. His mounts are of high quality. This set is of 39 individual slides and are dated through the 1980’s and 90’s. A variety of mountants including Naphrax, Styrax and Styraclor. Specimens are from New Zealand, Russia, Scotland, England, USA, Java,, Barbados and Japan.


Slides of Flower and Seed parts

This an excellent series of stained sections of flower and seed parts which includes whole flowers, buds, flower parts and pollen. Beautifully stained to show the relevant structural parts.




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Slides of Leaf Sections

This an excellent series of stained sections of a variety of leaves. Beautifully stained to show the relevant structural parts. Recommended  

Price £10.83 + vat

Slides of Seeds

This is a set of 13 slides of different seed types. This is a set of really well finished dry mount s of a wide variety of seeds including plants such as cow parsley, geranium and poppy and trees such as oak, silver birch and cypress. All different and the slides have been made in aluminium rings with an appropriate colour background and very nicely ringed either with green or green/white.


Botanical Structure Slides

An excellent set of 19 botanical structure slides. These are beautifully presented sections - several with alternative section planes. They are extremely well stained and consist of stems, leaves, roots and flower buds. Recommended.


Slides of Hair Prepared by W Stubbs

This is a set of eight early Victorian slides of various hair preparations. Each slide is ringed. Subjects include: hair from the Black Rat, Guinea Pig, Pole-Cat, Roebuck, Caterpillar, Feather, Hare and Fichet cloth. Each labelled. A nice set.


Slides of Sand

Five excellent presentations of marine sand from various sources in Scotland and Pembrokeshire. Prepared by  D. T. Richardson.


Antique Pine Slide Box

This is a Victorian antique slide box which has 9 separate trays each holding 6 slides lying flat. The front of the box drops down to reveal the individual trays and is fastened with two hook fasteners when closed. Hinged lid.


A set of 5 Slides Ward of Manchester

E Ward (1844 - 1915) was a prolific preparer living in Oxford Road Manchester until 1883. These slides were therefore made before that date. Subjects consist of hair, moth parts and zoophytes. All ringed and labelled with pen and ink.


A set of 9 Victorian Slides

This is a set of early Victorian prepared slides by W R Emmins. Little is known about this preparer although he is renowned for well-made slide particularly of palaeobotanical material. Slide labels bear his name and a description of content in pen and ink. Subject matter includes feather - humming bird, emu, pheasant and canary, hydrozoa, plant stem and diatoms.


A set of paper covered early Victorian Slides

Paper covering for slides was originally used to secure the coverglass on dry mount slides but even after the introduction of Canada Balsam as a mountant during the 1830’s, preparers used very decorative paper covers, lithographed in bright colours. Often they developed a style which identified their preparations in the same way as a logo would today. These eight slides are in good condition with different styles of green paper. Specimens include diatoms, botany, sponge spicules, antelope hair and raw silk.


A set of 7 paper covered early Victorian Slides

Paper covering for slides was originally used to secure the coverglass on dry mount slides but even after the introduction of Canada Balsam as a mountant during the 1830’s, preparers used very decorative paper covers, lithographed in bright colours. Often they developed a style which identified their preparations in the same way as a logo would today. These 7 red papered slides are in good condition and the subject matter includes - hair of dune rat from Cape of Goodhope,, ovipositor of blowfly, coral spicules, tongue of cowry, fern parts, selenite (polarscope) and see worms from Australia


Early Victorian Slides of Hair

A very unusual set of 9 slides in green paper livery and of types of hair. These would date from approximately 1850 or so. The specimens are hair from camel, buffalo, lion, cat, jaguar, hyena, wolf, fitch (cloth) and hair from the hump of a drumedary camel. Many of these would have been very exotic at that time. All in good condition apart from one slide that has a part of the paper missing. These were originally designed for the polarscope and would have produced many interesting colours


Sand Slides

An excellent set of 16 different sources of sea sand. Aluminium ring dry mounts of beautifully presented. The specimens were collected during the 1990’s and are from sources in Scotland, Australia and the West Indies. Each dry mount has an appropriate base colour and has been ringed in two colour blue and yellow.  


Botanical slides

This is a very nice set of stained botanical slides. They are contemporary and have been expertly prepared. The material is mainly flower buds, floral parts and the growing tips of plants with each slide having several panes of sectioning. An excellent set and recommended.


Pollen Slides

Six unstained pollen slides. Each labelled and ringed. Glycerine Jelly mounts. Specimens are Scots pine, Christmas rose, catkin,snowdrop, crocus and buttercup. Very clean preparations.


Victorian Slides

10 slides from four well known Victorian preparers. Most are from botanical material with two being insect parts. The preparers are H W H Darlaston (3 slides), George Wilks (2 slides), W Cookson (3 slides) and Charles Turner (2 slides). All are labelled and have been ringed.


Insect Slides

A set of 34 slides prepared as part of one of the Belstead classes of 1992. These were classes in slide preparation given by the late Eric Marson (Northern Biological Supplies)often assisted by the late Ernie Ives. These have excellent preparations of mainly whole insect mounts with some of insect parts. All are neatly labelled and ringed. A very nice set.


Slides from Victorian Preparers

A set of eleven slides from Victorian preparers. Two of these are whole insect mounts beautifully labelled with pen and ink. Three slides from W Stubbs (hair and beetle parts). The remainder are from Joseph H Hardy which has one dated from 1880. Most have been ringed.