Nikon Drawing Attachment

Drawing attachments are difficult to come by these days. This is a Nikon version with a multiplication factor of x1.5. In addition there are F stop and focusing controls. Standard Nikon fitting. GIF and S options.

Price £162.50 + vat

Nikon Photography System

In very nice condition this is a Nikon AFM film camera photosystem with a Nikon M-35S camera back. Parallax focus system with target eyepiece. Standard Nikon fitting. A collectors piece.

Price £170.83+ vat

Nikon Phase Contrast Condenser

In excellent condition, this is a Nikon Zernike phase condenser with bright field and phase contrast positions for x10, x20, x40 and x100 infinity phase objectives. Numerical aperture 1.25

Price £137.50 + vat


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Nikon is a Japanese microscope manufacturer of a range of quality instruments including super resolution, confocal and live cell screening systems.

Nikon Long Arm Stereomicroscope

This is an excellent opportunity to acquire a quality stereomicroscope that was built for training purposes. Currently the use of digital imaging has allowed collective viewing with microscopy. However the double head microscope allows both the ‘student’ and the ‘teacher to manipulate the specimen at the same time. The allows the ‘not like this’ but ‘like this’ approach which has great value. This unit has a trinocular port which allows digital imaging in addition. The magnification range of the microscope is x6 to x40 with the x10 wide field eyepieces. There is a slider lever which allows an imaging system to be employed at will. This is a strong heavy based microscope in good condition - the base has been re-sprayed at some point recently.

Price £437.50 + vat

Nikon  Achr - Aplan Condenser

This is a new and unused high quality condenser that fits the Eclipse range of models. It has a variable numerical aperture up to a maximum of 1.4. Massive saving on the list price.


Nikon x20 Plan Apo Objective

In excellent condition, this is a x20 plan apo objective. Infinity corrected for 0.17mm thickness coverslip and with a working distance of 1mm. Numerical aperture 0.75. M25 screw thread (non RMS)


Price £312.50 + vat

Nikon  Binocular Head

A Nikon binocular head complete with Nikon eyepieces Fits the older style N series microscopes. Finished in black and in good condition. Interocular and dioptric adjustments. x10 wide field eyepieces with integral eyecups.

Price £95.83 + vat

Nikon Auxiliary Objective lens

In excellent condition this is an unused Nikon supplementary objective x0.5. This will reduce by a half the microscope magnification range.

Price £20.83 + vat

Nikon TMS Inverted Binocular Microscope

The TMS is one of the classic Nikon microscopes that were built specifically for the examination of tissue cultures. This is a very good example of the TMS and is all original. x10 wide field eyepieces set well above the stage plate. The microscope has rheostat controlled 6v 20watt halogen illumination. This TMS has a good turret of objectives that are all 160mm tubelength.

 This is an excellent microscope at a very realistic price considering its heritage

Price £740.00 + vat

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