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Reichert Monocular

This is an extremely rare very early reichert with integral transmitted illumination. Serial number 12585. Finished in brass and black in very good condition. Twin objective turret with twin coarse focus and single fine focus controls and a focusing condenser. There is a field lens and filter carrier on top of the light box which has a ‘primitive’ transformer system and rheostat control. This still works although there no transformer is supplied because of current safety regulations. A superb collectors piece.

Price £311.67 + vat

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CTS Polarising Microscope

This is a relatively rare Cooke Troughton and Sims polarising microscope that is now a collectors piece. Serial number M702040 with provenance card and original manual together with its original case that is in excellent condition for its age. The body work is very good apart from the surface of the stage which shows the marks of slides as would be expected. Separate coarse and fine focus controls. Bertrand lens and a graduated rotating polarising filter. In/out analysing filter and mirror illumination.



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Antique Brass Microscope

This is a fine antique monocular brass microscope in its original case dating from approximately 1890. It has no makers name but there are features that attest to its quality. The cabinet itself is well made and which is very unusual  for a microscope of this age it has its key. The brass is in good condition for its age. Large swivel mirror. Coarse focus controls with a separate fine focus  system. The microscope has two objectives each with its own brass objective pot and ine eyepiece. The stage has a slide holder and very unusually has a dissection plate assembly with tether points that can be attached to the microscope stage. A genuine antique.

Price £312.50 + vat

J Swift Objectives

A set of three brass objectives by James Swift of London. ¼ inch (numerical aperture 0.80, 1/3 inch (numerical aperture 0.50) and a 1½  inch objective. Condition very good taking into account their obvious age.

Price £88.33 + vat

Watson 1/6th Objective

An excellent Watson objective with its original objective pot. Para 1/6th objective with a numerical aperture of 0.70.

Price £23.33 + vat

Leitz Drawing Attachment

Dating from the 1920’s this is a Leitz drawing attachment to fit monocular microscopes. It is rare to find these units that have all the accessory filters still in place. The mirror does show its age but without pickling or loss of mirroring. These drawing attachments depend upon a balance of lighting between the illuminated specimen down the microscope and the light available for the drawing paper hence the range of neutral density filters in the box which can be used to balance the two. Original case in good condition, a real collectors item.

Price £208.33 + vat

Watson & Son Monocular

The serial number 4989 would date this antique microscope to about 1898 or so. This particular instrument has been well looked after and the original wooden case has been sympathetically restored to a good finish. This is a students microscope with a cut away stage to allow larger specimen study at that time. The brass work is in very good condition and there are three objectives and one eyepiece. There is a ‘swing out’ condenser to support the ‘cut away ‘stage. The mirror is in very good condition for its age. A very nice collectors item. Quite an early Watson.

Price £229.17+ vat

Bausch & Lomb Monocular

This is a very early Baush and Lomb probably dating from around 1910 or possibly a little earlier. The microscope has been skilfully restored in places which makes it a very attractive instrument. Finished in brass and black which is typical of the age, it has Prior and Beck objectives which are very much in keeping with the style and age of the microscope. The general condition is excellent and the mirror shows very little ‘pickling’. Separate coarse and fine focus systems. The case is modern but constructed to fit the period look. An excellent addition to an antique collection.

Price £166.67 + vat

Winkel - Zeiss Gottingen Monocular

It is difficult to give an exact date for this microscope. In 1911 Carl Zeiss and Rudolph Winkel formed a partnership in Gottingen Germany and this company thrived until the post war crash of 1945. From the structure of the microscope a probable date is circa 1925. Although the exact date does not really effect its value which is linked to the partnership company. The serial number of this microscope is 17909 which supports a 1925 date. Three objectives and a Beck eyepiece. Nicely restored microscope and box.


Antique Ringing Table

This is a mahogany and brass ringing table. Ringing aqueous and glycerine jelly mounts in many ways seems to be a thing of the past, but for many applications it remains the best method by far. This unit has a very impressive spin speed with target circles on the platform.