Leica ATC 2000 Binocular

In education Leica is without doubt the prestige manufacturer. Aimed at the undergraduate and post graduate markets, the ATC 2000 has excellent features including Kohler illumination. The ATC has coaxial coarse and fine focus control that moves the objective turret up and down rather than the stage. Objectives x4, x10, x40 and x100 (oil immersion|) with x10 wide field eyepieces Mechanical stage with drop down coaxial controls and double vernier scale.  6 volt 20 watt halogen illumination with brightness control. Focusing and centring substage condenser and the stand has a cleverly designed carrying handle at its top. Good condition apart from a few small paint chips along some of the edges of the base

Price £304.17 + vat

Leitz Teaching Head

A rarely found accessory in the used market. a Leitz teaching head with integral moving pointer, will attach to any modern Leitz compound microscope stand and will except two binocular heads (not supplied).

Price £86.67 + vat

Leica CCTV adapter

This is a unused current 1/2” CCTV adapter part number 13596065. Fits current Leica DME series trinocular microscopes


Leica Specimen Presser

Having specimens level and flat for incidence microscopy is essential, and this Leica specimen presser is as good as it gets. Spring loaded with tension adjustment and in pristine condition.


Leica CME Binocular

The Leica CME was targeted very successfully at the university undergraduate market. This example is in excellent condition. Binocular with E2 achromatic objectives x4, x10, x40 and x100 (oil immersion) that together with the wide field eyepieces gives a magnification range of x40 to x1000. Focusing centring condenser. Mechanical stage with drop down controls. Coaxial coarse and fine focus controls. 6 volt 20 watt quartz halogen illumination with brightness control.

Price £329.17

Leitz Dialux Binocular

A magnificent example of this sought after microscope dating from the mid 1960’s This one has excellent paint work and chrome. The interchangeable quadruple turret has three objectives. x10 planfluorite n.a. 0.30, x40 n.a. 0.65 and apo x100 n.a.1.32 oil immersion lens, together with a pair of periplan x10 eyepieces. Centring two diaphragm bright field condenser with flip top lens n.a. 0.9, with a supplementary condenser in the base with a cut out lever for low power work.

Interchangeable nosepiece and mechanical stage. Separate coarse and fine focus systems. This example has the original light unit and transformer box

Price £583.33 + vat

Leitz SM-LUX Binocular

Probably the most widely purchased microscope from the Leitz range, combining the Leitz build quality and optical performance at a relatively reasonable price (given that you have to pay for quality). The body work of this example is in very good condition, but the stage inevitably shows the signs of slides being slid on and off. 170mm objectives x4 (0.12), x10 NPL(0.25), x16 NPL (0.40), x25 NPL (0.50) and x40 (0.65). Kohler illumination with a tungsten halogen light source. Periplan GF x10 eyepieces. Coaxial coarse and fine focus controls. Mechanical stage with the usual drop down controls and focusing substage. A fine microscope.

Price £362.50 + vat

Leitz Long Arm Stereomicroscope

This is without doubt one of the best ‘collectors’ items we have ever had on this web site. Leitz is now an iconic word that gains respect throughout the world for quality microscopes This long arm stereomicroscope is exceptional and we have not seen one like this before. The general condition is excellent. The large stable base has a single vertical column with a single horizontal arm with a double clamp arrangement to the support column. The head is attached to the horizontal by an ingenious ball and clamp socket so that any angle of the head is possible. The head has a rack and pinion focus system. The eyepieces are x15 and the overall magnification is x7.5. All original

Price £412.50 + vat

Leitz Ortholux11

A trinocular Ortholux 11 with a rotating circular stage. The body work of this unit is in very good condition. Serial number 484425 dating from 1955. It has had a more modern Leitz lamp unit added at some stage with 12v 50 watt halogen lighting. 170mm objectives x4 (0.12), x2.5 plan (0.08), x10 polarising (0.25) and x100 oil immersion with integral iris diaphragm. X16 periplan eyepieces. All original.

Price £375.00 + vat

Leitz HM-LUX

One of the Leitz classics and in very good condition. Binocular head with x10, x15 and x20 eyepieces, Leitz 170mm objectives x4 (n.a. 0.12), x10 (n.a. 0.25), x40 (n.a. 0.65) and x100 oil (n.a.1.25). Attached specimen driver with separate XY controls. Focusing condenser with an integral lighting system with a separate control box with step brightness options. Leitz coaxial focus system. This is a very nice quality microscope

Price £270.83+vat

Leitz Laborlux D Binocular

The Leitz range of microscopes was quite large with some models having relatively minor differences, however the one thing they all had in common was  quality of optical performance. The Laborlux D is a good solid microscope with a large stable base. This particular instrument has good bodywork and a particularly large stage which for its age is in very good condition cosmetically whilst being perfect in mechanical performance. 6v 20 watt Kohler illumination system. 160mm tube length objectives EF x4 (0.12), EF x10 (0.25), x25 (0.50), PL Fluotar x40 (0.70), EF x100 oil immersion (1.25). GF x10 eyepieces. A fine looking microscope with the optical performance to match.

Price £412.50 + vat

Leitz Diavert Binocular

This is an very good example of the Leitz inverted biological microscope with the body work and mechanical performance in excellent condition. The microscope is all original including the 6v 15 watt power box. Those familiar with the model will know that the mechanical stage and light unit are housed on a dovetail arrangement and can be removed easily if required. Coaxial coarse and fine focus controls. 170mm objectives x4, x2.5, x10 and xL20 - phaco1 (phase contrast). The phase ring condenser unit is also included. Periplan x6.3 eyepieces. A very nice microscope.

Price £408.33 + vat

Leitz Laborlux S Binocular

The laboratory specification  Leitz microscope. This instrument is in good condition although it does have a few marks to the paint in the front of the base and the larger of these has been touched in.  The base has black wrist support inserts and the external light system is controlled by a rheostat knob towards the back of one of these. The stage is in good condition showing only  a little scuffing from slide movements over the years. 6v 20 watt halogen light source with a full Kohler adjustment system. Coaxial coarse and fine focus. EF objectives x4, x10, x12, x40 and x100 (oil immersion). CF periplan x10 eyepieces. Very good value.

Price £354.17 + vat

Leitz Ortholux Fluorescence Trinocular

The Leitz Ortholux was one of the most versatile microscopes that was made under the Leitz  name, and this is an excellent example. There are two optical pathways. The incident system has a 12 volt 100 watt mercury  ultra violet light source with an FITC band width filter block. There are two other spaces within the fluorescence unit for further filter block if required. The transmitted bright field illumination pathway is a 12 volt 50 watt Kohler illumination system. The objectives are 170mm tube length NPL x6.3 (0.20), x10 (0.25), NPL fluortar x25 (0.55), x40 (0.65) and x100 oil immersion (1.30). x10 GF periplan focusing eyepieces. A fine microscope in very good condition.


Leitz HM-LUX Binocular

The HM-LUX was an entry level Leitz microscope with all the optical and engineering quality of the brand, but with simplicity of construction making it ideal for those without previous experience of microscopy but wanting a quality product. This microscope has a full mechanical stage with drop down coaxial controls. The lighting system (with external transformer) is combined with the substage condenser which has a swivel focus system. The microscope has the signature Leitz coaxial coarse and fine focus controls and the body work is in excellent condition. 170mm tube length objectives x2.5 (0.08), x4 (0.12), x10 (0.25) and x45 (0.65) with periplan GF x10 eyepieces.

Price £254.17 + vat

Leica Stereomicroscope Bellows

This is a brand new Leica stereomicroscope accessory - Mtu-18430. A bellows extension 30 to 120mm for the M50,60 or 80. In its original packaging. A massive saving on the current list price.

Price £166.67 + vat


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Leica Microsystems GmbH is a manufacturer of superb optical equipment. Leica Microsystems is a successor company of Ernst Leitz that was founded in Germany in 1869.

Leitz Oil Immersion Dark field Condenser

A Leitz oil immersion dark ground condenser suitable for x100 oil immersion objectives. Numerical aperture 1.19 - 1.44. Condition excellent.

Price £137.50 + vat

Leitz Drawing Attachment

It is difficult to get hold of these drawing attachments and they are sought after. This fits beneath the microscope head and introduces a magnification factor of x1.25. There is a slider focus system for the paper projected image. The unit is in good condition.


Leitz Dialux 20 Trinocular

This Dialux 20 is all original and in very good condition. The only negatives are a small area of scuff on the stage where slides have been introduced over the years and some small paint chips on the edge of the base. Trinocular head with x10 wide field eyepieces, dioptric and interpupillary adjustment. A large mechanical stage with double vernier and drop down coaxial controls.  Focusing substage condenser with flip top lens and the usual iris diaphragm. Field lens with iris diaphragm giving Kohler illumination from the separate control box 12 volt 100 watt halogen illumination from the external light box to the back of the microscope. An excellent set of objectives. x4 plan (n.a.0.10), x10 plan (n.a.0.25), x25 plan fluotar (n.a. 0.60), x40 plan (n.a.0.65), x100 (oil) NPL fluotar (n.a. 1.30). All in all a fine microscope


Leitz Laborlux 11 Binocular

A quality Leitz microscope at a very affordable price. The Laborlux 11 is mechanically more basic that the research level Leitz models but the optical quality is exactly the same. The body work of this instrument is very good taking into account its age and the stage although showing scuff signs of slide use is also good. Kohler illumination with a 6v 10watt halogen light source with rheostat brightness control. Original Leitz objectives EF x4 (0.10), EF x10 (0.25), EF x25 (0.50), EF x40 (0.65), EF x63 (0.85), giving a magnification range of x40 to x630 with the x10 wide field eyepieces. An excellent opportunity to acquire a Leitz microscope at a very reasonable price.

Price £329.17 + vat

Leitz Drawing Attachment

Dating from the 1920’s this is a Leitz drawing attachment to fit monocular microscopes. It is rare to find these units that have all the accessory filters still in place. The mirror does show its age but without pickling or loss of mirroring. These drawing attachments depend upon a balance of lighting between the illuminated specimen down the microscope and the light available for the drawing paper hence the range of neutral density filters in the box which can be used to balance the two. Original case in good condition, a real collectors item.

Price £208.33 + vat

Leitz SM-LUX Binocular

This is a Leitz classic and in very nice condition. All original with 170mm objectives x4 (0.12), x10 (0.25), NLP x16 (0.40), x40 plan apo (0.75), x63 (oil immersion) (1.30) giving a magnification range of x40 to x630 with the x10 eyepieces. Focusing condenser with lateral movement and quarts halogen lighting 6v 20 watt with a full Kohler illumination system. Mechanical stage with drop down coaxial controls and a double vernier scale. Coaxial coarse and fine focus controls. The brightness control has a click stop mechanism. A bargain and recommended.

Price £337.50 + vat

Leitz Dialux 20 EB  Binocular

Leitz microscopes speak for themselves and this is an excellent example of a Dialux unit configured for phase contrast microscopy. The body work of this microscope is excellent and the stage whilst showing some signs of slides being moved is in very good condition for its age. Binocular head with x10 wide field eyepieces. Large mechanical stage with drop down controls and double vernier scale. Kohler illumination with a quartz halogen lighting system. Zernicke phase contrast condenser with a bright field option. Objectives x10 Phaco 1 (0.25), NPL x16 fluotar (0.45), x25 NPL fluotar Phaco 2 (0.55), x40 Phaco 2 plan (0.65), x2.5 (0.09). x10 periplan spectacle wearers eyepieces. This is a seriously  nice microscope.

Price £541.67 + vat

Leitz Laborlux K Binocular

The Laborlux  K was probably the most manufactured Leitz microscope of this era - for good reason. A solid body frame, Kohler illumination, coaxial coarse and fine focus and an excellent optical performance is the hall mark of this model. This particular microscope is in very good condition and mechanically very sound. There are a few paint chips to the base and some ‘scuffing’ to the stage surface as would be expected. The sub stage condenser has a flip top element  to ensure even field illumination irrespective of the objective being used. 160mm tube length objectives x4 EF (0.12), x10 EF(0.25), x25 EF (0.50), x40 EF(0.65) and x100 oil immersion (1.25) together with x10 periplan eyepieces. 6 Volt 20 watt halogen illumination. A fine microscope at a very good price

Price £387.50 + vat