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Brunel SX10D Digital Stereomicroscope

This is a brand new SX10 with an inbuilt 3M digital camera that works perfectly. However there are two small faint marks seen in the image when there is no specimen present - on a ‘busy’ specimen they can hardly be seen. We have been unable to find and remove these blemishes and would not advise the purchaser to attempt to dismantle the unit - it is complicated in there. However the software and USB cables are provided along with IT support if needed all for no charge with the microscope being sold at slightly less than the price of our non digital SX10. Incident and transmitted LED illumination with button brightness control. Magnification options x10, x20 and x40.


Brunel IMXZ Mk1

This microscope has been used by ourselves for various projects over the last few years. It is in perfect working order and cosmetically excellent. The Mk 1IMXZ had fixed illumination systems which have now been replaced with brightness controlled lighting in all other respects the current model is the same as this. Trinocular head with x10 wide field eyepieces and camera lever. Zoom magnification x10 to x40. Pole stand coarse focus and rack and pinion fine focus. Top and transmitted halogen illumination Full guarantee


Brunel SX10 Stereomicroscope

This is a new microscope used only by ourselves for customer demonstrations. One of our most popular entry level stereomicroscopes having three magnifications built in. Magnifications x10, x20 and x40 are achieved simply by rotating the turret which clicks into place for each magnification change. The SX10 has pole stand coarse focus with a rack and pinion fine focus. Brightness controlled LED top and transmitted illumination. Fully guaranteed.


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Watson Stereomicroscope

One of the classic British stereos with a very characteristic shape and paint finish. Turret mounted objectives x1.5, x5 and x10 giving the microscope magnification options of x15, x50 and x100 with the x10 wide field eyepieces. Substage mirror illumination and side arm support arms. The condition is very good.

Price £208.33 + vat                                                  

Brunel MX1

Only used by ourselves briefly for customer demonstration In excellent condition, this is one of our most popular student stereomicroscopes. Eyepieces x10 wide field with a x2 objective pair gives an overall magnification of x20. Pole coarse focus with a rack and pinion fine focus. Stage clips with a reversible black/white dissection plate. 45 degree angled head.

Price £50.00 +vat

Perry Stereomicroscope

Another of the classic British stereos with a very characteristic shape and paint finish. This model has standard 23mm eyetubes with original wide field eyepieces. The characteristic rotating turret has a x1.4 and x4  objective set giving overall magnification options of x14 and x40. The microscope has inbuilt tungsten transmitted lighting (but no incident light unit). This is now probably a collectors item although still optically fine.

Price £145.83 + vat

Apex Examiner Plus

Originally sold by our sister company - Apex Microscopes, this has been used for customer demonstrations only and is in pristine condition and fully guaranteed. The x20 stereo head  has a flexible arm and focus is achieved by bending  the arm to give the best working distance. The base gives stability to the unit.


Price £95.83 + vat

Apex Recorder Binocular

This is the newest microscope in the Apex range and used only briefly for customer demonstration. Binocular stereohead with a zoom magnification from x10 to x40 with a working distance of 80mm. The focus mechanism is rack and pinion throughout its length which adds significantly to the stability of the microscope. It also has a carrying handle at the top of the stand. The base has a dual LED illumination system with brightness controlled incident and transmitted lighting. Inter ocular and dioptric adjustment is standard on this professional standard stereomicroscope. Black/white and frosted glass dissection plates. Condition pristine.

Price £205.00 + vat

Brunel MX1B Stereomicroscope

Used only by ourselves for customer demonstrations this is an excellent example of our very popular MX series stereomicroscopes. The microscope has x1 and x2 objective pairs mounted in its turret which is part rotated to change magnification.With x10 wide field eyepieces giving an overall magnification options of x10 and x20. Pole stand coarse focus with a rack and pinion fine focus. Interpupillary and dioptric adjustment. Stage clips and a reversible black/white dissection plate. An ideal microscope for entry level.




Brunel BSR Trinocular

Used only by ourselves for customer demonstrations. This is a click stop zoom stereomicroscope with camera side port. The click magnification options are x10, x17.5, x3 and x55. The eyepieces are extra wide field. The plain stand has a pole movement for coarse focus and a rack and pinion fine focus. Condition as new and fully guaranteed.

Price £525 + vat        

Vickers Long Arm Stereomicroscope

This is a well used long arm stereomicroscope. Its age is evident from the paint chips on the body work which is to be expected after 50 years or so. The microscope has a x20 magnification with an inbuilt lighting system that can have its angle adjusted. Very good value.

Price £87.50 + vat

MT370 Binocular Zoom Stereomicroscope

This is actually a new microscope and comes with our Brunel guarantee. A good solid microscope. The stand has dual illumination with the incident system being halogen and the transmitted light unit being a fluorescent strip light. Black/white and frosted glass dissection plate. The steelhead has a zoom magnification range of x6.5 to x45 with the wide field x10 eyepieces.



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Brunel BMSF Trinocular

Originally supplied by ourselves a relatively short time ago. This BMSF trinocular has the option of x10 and x30 magnification that is achieved by rotating the  stereohead turret. There is a push/pull lever that brings the trinocular tube into optical alignment for photography. X10 wide field eyepieces. The plain stand has a reversible black/white dissection plate. Very good condition.


Swift 80 Stereomicroscope

A classic Swift stereomicroscope with all the build quality associated with the brand. The Swift 80 has dual incident and transmitted lighting base with a pillar stand. Finished in the characteristic  ‘brown’ livery. The microscope has a rotating turret with x2 and x4 objective pairs and x10 wide field eyepieces giving the magnification options of x20 and x40. Condition very good

Price £145.83 + vat

Heavy Duty Long Arm Stereomicroscope

This is a long arm stereo with a magnificent stand system. The stand was originally made for Wild but now has a contemporary stereohead of excellent optical performance. The stand has a double horizontal arm system which provides great rigidity to the system. The stereohad is a binocular zoom stereo with a zoom range of x8 to x80. The eyepieces are super wide field and the objective is plan. This is an excellent system for those with space (it’s big! combining stability with excellent optical performance. Highly recommended.

Price £662.50 + vat

Brunel BMDZ Trinocular

This is a new microscope used only by ourselves for customer demonstrations and is in pristine condition.The BMDZ is a full zoom trinocular stereohead with a magnification range of x7.5 to x45 with the x10 widefield eyepieces. The zoom mechanism is operated by side arm control knobs. The eyetubes have full interpupillary and dioptric adjustment and eyecups are supplied as standard. The unique features of this stereohead are the fact that the trinocular tube shares the images with the binocular eyetubes which allows the microscope to be used at the same time as the image can be viewed on a monitor or PC by others. In addition the zoom mechanism has a lock control so that a predefined magnification can be set. Non illuminated stand with clips and dissection plate. Fully guaranteed.


Brunel BMNZTrinocular

This is an ex demonstration microscope and is a model that we have supplied in quantities to one of the leading UK Universities for biological undergraduate use. This speaks for both its durability and optical quality. The microscope trinocular head has  a magnification range of x6.7 to x45 with the extra wide field x10 eyepieces. There is a lever towards the back of the microscope head which diverts light to  the trinocular when image are required. The large stable base has LED transmitted and incident lighting. Both are rheostat brightness controlled and the incident light is on a flexible arm to allow the angle of illumination to suit the specimen. Condition as new and fully guaranteed.

Price £466.67 + vat

BMXT Trinocular Stereomicroscope

This is a high quality stereomicroscope used by ourselves for assessment purposes. An excellent stable base with rack and pinion focus throughout with transmitted and incident LED illumination with independent brightness control. Coarse and fine focus system. The microscope head has a x1 plan objective with wide field x10 eyepieces and a zoom magnification range of x8 to x56 with a click stop zoom mechanism. Trinocular camera system.  Working distance 95mm. Pristine condition and recommended

Price £708.33 + vat