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Brunel SX10D Digital Stereomicroscope

This is an older version of our current SX10 D  digital stereomicroscope that we have used in our showroom prior to Windows 10. It works perfectly well with Windows 7 but not with Windows 10.The software and USB cables are provided along with IT support if needed all for no charge with the microscope being sold at even less than the price of our non digital SX10. Incident and transmitted LED illumination with button brightness control. Magnification options x10, x20 and x40. A real bargain.


Explorer Gemscope

This is a Gemscope based on the Apex Explorer stereomicroscope and is unused. Finished in black enamel to minimise reflections and with both incident and reflected halogen lighting which is brightness controlled. Magnification options are x20 and x40 that are selected by rotating the stereo head. Complete with a gem clamp and dark ground attachment. Rack and pinion focusing.

Price £185 + vat

Brunel MX5T Stereomicroscope

This is a new microscope used only by ourselves for customer demonstrations. One of our most popular entry level stereomicroscopes having two magnifications built in. Magnifications x20, and x40 are achieved simply by rotating the turret which clicks into place for each magnification change. The MX5T has pole stand coarse focus with a rack and pinion fine focus. Brightness controlled LED top and transmitted illumination. Fully guaranteed.

Price £95.00 + vat

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Apex Explorer Plus

Only used by ourselves briefly for customer demonstrations (before ‘lockdown’) In excellent condition, this is one of our most popular student stereomicroscopes. Eyepieces x10 wide field with a x1 and x3 objective pairs giving overall magnifications of x10 and x30. Full rack and pinion fine focus. Stage clips with a reversible black/white dissection plate. 45 degree angled head. LED incident and transmitted LED lighting with brightness control.

Price £116.67 + vat

Perry Stereomicroscope

Another of the classic British stereos with a very characteristic shape and paint finish. This model has standard 23mm eyetubes with original wide field eyepieces. The characteristic rotating turret has a x1.4 and x4  objective set giving overall magnification options of x14 and x40. The microscope has inbuilt tungsten transmitted lighting (but no incident light unit). This is now probably a collectors item although still optically fine.

Price £145.83 + vat

Apex Examiner Plus

Originally sold by our sister company - Apex Microscopes, this has been used for customer demonstrations only and is in pristine condition and fully guaranteed. The x20 stereo head  has a flexible arm and focus is achieved by bending  the arm to give the best working distance. The base gives stability to the unit.


Price £95.83 + vat

Brunel MX6T Stereomicroscope

Used only by ourselves for customer demonstrations this is an excellent example of our very popular MX series stereomicroscopes. The microscope has x1 and x3 objective pairs mounted in its turret which is rotated to change magnification. With x10 wide field eyepieces giving an overall magnification options of x10 and x30. The unit has in built LED incident and transmitted lighting. Pole stand coarse focus with a rack and pinion fine focus. Interpupillary and dioptric adjustment. Stage clips and a reversible black/white dissection plate.

Price £120.83 + vat



BSK Stereomicroscope

Used only by ourselves for assessment purposes. This is a good quality trinocular stereomicroscope. The trinocular tube is equipped for a CCTV standard screw thread camera (not SLR). Extra wide field x10 eyepieces gives excellent clarity over its x8 to x50 zoom magnification range. The stand is rack and pinion movement throughout with coaxial coarse and fine focus and incident/transmitted LED lighting with independent brightness controls. Condition as new and fully guaranteed.

Price  £412.50 + vat      

Brunel IMXZ Trinocular

Probably the best value for money trinocular zoom stereo currently available. The stereo head has double side arm zoom controls with a continuous range of x1 to x4 giving a magnification range of x10 to x40 with the super widefield x10 eyepieces. Each eyetube has independent focus control that allows the specimen to remain in focus throughout the magnification zoom. The head  fully rotates within the focus block, and a pull lever diverts light to the trinocular eyetube when needed for photography. This unit has only been used by ourselves for a short period and is fully guaranteed. The pole stand has coaxial coarse and fine focus with incident and transmitted LED lighting with independent bright ness controls.

Price £395.83 + vat

BZX12 Trinocular Stereomicroscope

This top end excellent quality stereomicroscope will be our flag ship stereo moving into 2021. This is our assessment model and has been put through its paces only by us during recent months. This model will be selling for just over £3600 + vat in the New Year. Here is an opportunity to obtain this unit at a very substantial discount. Fully guaranteed. Specification:

This really is a fine stereomicroscope.

Price: £2650.00 + vat

Meiji RZ LED Base

The Meiji RZ stereomicroscope is a top end,  quality  instrument, and this is part number RZTLED with a list price of £990 + vat. This unit is new and unused and complete with its original packaging. It provides an LED transmitted light source with brightness control, a central dissection area and specimen clips. Massive saving.


Price £458.33 + vat                                                                                  

Meiji RZ Binocular Head

The Meiji RZ stereomicroscope is a top end,  quality  instrument, and this is part number MA748 with a list price of £675 + vat. This unit is new and unused, but does not have eyepieces. Massive saving.


Price £250.00 + vat                                                                                  

COVID 19 Update

We are currently trading online only but delivering as normal. We are operating with a much reduced number of staff which allows us to operate a rota system that removes any social contact and adheres to Government instructions.
Our customer demonstration suite remains closed for obvious safety reasons. However, we would be pleased to support special interest Zoom meetings by arrangment.

Keep safe at this difficult time.

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