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Microscope Eyepieces

Pair of Watson x7 Eyepieces

A pair of Watson x7 stereomicroscope eyepieces in good condition.

Price £18.33 + vat

Set of Leitz Eyepieces

A set of Leitz 30mm diameter eyepieces inscribed Geo Lab 944b, c, d and e. Two are x10 and two x5. Complete with the original satin lined case. A collectors item.

Price £79.00 + vat

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click on the images to see a larger picture

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C.T.S x8 Eyepiece

A Cooke Troughton and Simms x8 compensating eyepiece. CTS equipment is slowly getting rare these days. The condition of this eyepiece is good for its age.

Price £8.33 + vat

Pair Biolam x15 Eyepieces

In good condition this is a pair of Russian Biolam x15 standard eyepieces suitable for any make of student level binocular microscope with standard 23mm eyetubes.


Pair of x16 Eyepieces

In very good condition this is a pair of x16 eyepieces DIN standard with exit lens diameter of 11mm. Fits standard size eyetubes.

Price £18.33 + vat

Baker Area Eyepiece

This is a very unusual and novel eyepiece from the days when microscope technology was at its best. Manufactured by C Baker it probably dates from the 1920’s but has a standard eyetube diameter which means it will fit almost all microscopes. The collar has markings from 1 to 6 and as this collar is rotated through the scale the field of view adjust with a square diaphragm area to

equal the scale readings. Very unusual.

Price £23.33 + vat

Antique Eyepiece with Pointer

This is an antique eyepiece dating from about 1900 that has an internal pointer that can be positioned wherever required within the field of view by a small external control to the top of the eyepiece. It has the marking III and is probably approximately x8. Standard eyetube size.


x15 Olympus Eyepiece

In good condition for its age this is a x15 Olympus eyepiece.  Fits standard eyetubes of most microscope makes.

Price £11.67 + vat

Nikon Graticule Eyepiece

In good condition this is a Nikon measuring eyepiece with an independent focus mechanism. Linear graticule scale.

Price £20.83 + vat

Pair x10 Leica Eyepieces

An excellent pair of x10 Leica HC Plan x10/20 eyepieces. Each with dioptric adjustment and integral eyecups. Fits standard 30mm eyetubes and suitable for spectacle wearers.

Price £56.67 + vat

Baker x8 Eyepiece

Baker was one of the principal microscope manufactures through the post war era. This eyepiece is a x8 compensating (suitable to be used with plan objectives) and is in good condition.


Nikon x 15 Eyepiece

A Nikon x15 eyepiece with a 14mm exit lens diameter. CFWN with integral dioptric control. Fits all standard 23mm eyetubes.

Price £16.67 + vat

Antique Eyepiece with Moveable Pointer

This antique eyepiece would date from approximately 1910 or so. It has an internal pointer which can be moved around inside the eyepiece using the external lever. Standard eyetube fitting. And condition good for its age.


Vickers x6 Eyepiece

A Vickers x6 eyepiece in good condition. Fits standard 23mm eyetubes

Price £10.00 +vat

Olympus x10 Eyepiece

An Olympus x10 wide field eyepiece B1 code. Fits standard 23mm eyetubes

Price £12.50 + vat

Bausch and Lomb x30 Eyepiece

A good example of this American made Bausch and Lomb eyepiece. x30 wide field. Standard eyetube size with focusing front lens.

Price £21.67 + vat

Vickers Phase Telescope

In very good condition this is a Vickers phase telescope used for aligning the phase rings of objectives with their equivalent condenser rings. Telescopic focusing with a screw thread.

Price £20.00 + vat

Pair of Olympus x10 Eyepieces

In very good condition, this is a pair of Olympus WHK x10 compensating eyepieces. Standard eyetube diameter.


COVID 19 Update

We are currently trading online only but delivering as normal. We are operating with a much reduced number of staff which allows us to operate a rota system that removes any social contact and adheres to Government instructions.
Our customer demonstration suite remains closed for obvious safety reasons. However, we would be pleased to support special interest Zoom meetings by arrangment.

Keep safe at this difficult time.

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