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Polaroid Micro SLR Camera

As new, automatic or manual modes. sheet size 4 ½ x 4 ½ inches, built in exposure meter with override. suitable for compound and stereomicroscopes.

Price £83 + vat

Vickers Measuring Micrometer System

A rare Vickers accessory for accurate distance measuring. Mounted on a M17 monocular head, the x 10 kellner eyepiece has micrometer control of the distance between two hairlines. Centring mechanism.

Price £95.65 + vat

Reichert Nomarski Interference Block.

This is a Nomarski Interference Contrast block.  It is an accessory to the Universal Opak Illuminator as supplied with a Reichert Zetopan.
The prism may be adjusted in two planes. The lever on the side of the block shifts the prism from side-to-side, thereby governing the grey value or colour of the background. The small knob on the front of the housing moves the Wollaston prism up-and-down, enabling the contrast to be evenly spread across the field of view. Complete with original case. Condition excellent


Costar Analogue CCTV Camera

A miniature high resolution analogue CCTV camera for TV. BNC and S-video connection. 12v power source supplied together with BNC to AV cables. Good value and in excellent condition.


Rainbow Zoom TV Lens

This is a Japanese C mount TV camera lens. H6 x8 -II 8 -48mm 1:1.0. In very good condition.

Price £70.83 + vat

Reichert Zetopan Incident Light Path

Not often found these days this is the incident light path from a Reichert Zetopan Poalrising microscope. Sliding polarising filter and double iris diaphragm. Condition good for age.

Price £54.17 + vat

Meiji Binocular head

This is in pristine condition. An ML Meiji binocular head with interocular distance and dioptric control. No eyepieces.

Price £140.00 + vat

Microscopy Accessories

Gillett & Sibert Phase Cell

A very good example of a G&S PH2 phase contrast condenser cell (for use with a x40 phase contrast objective).


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Reichert Phase Condenser

This is a Reichert phase contrast Zernike condenser. Rotating phase rings for x10 x20, x40 and x100 phase contrast objectives together with a bright field option. Condition good for age.

Price £54.17 + vat

Gillett & Sibert Binocular head

This is a G&S binocular head in very good condition. There are a large number of G&S microscopes in the used market that have damaged binocular heads - this would be an excellent replacement. No eyepieces.

Price £37.50 + vat

Swift Phase Contrast Condenser

This is Swift Zernike phase contrast condenser with iris diaphragm and rotating phase rings for x10, x40 and x100 objectives. Condition excellent.

Price £62.50 + vat

Reichert Mechanical Stage

A mechanical slide moving attachment designed for the Reichert  polarising circular stage. Not often available.


Jung microtome knife strop

A Reichert Jung microtome knife strop. Four sided shell hide some have been dressed. Handle and original cover box. Good condition quality strop.



Zeiss Jena Universal Condenser

This is a condenser unit from Ziess Jena with dovetail fitting. There are three alternate condenser units that will rotate into position, Aplanat (n.a. 1.4), achromat (n.a. 0.3) and a oil darkfield unit. Condition very good.


Price £45.83 + vat

54 LED Ring Light

This is a new item recently introduced to our range of lighting. The 54 LED’s are arranged in two concentric rings. The control box allows either both rings to used together or separately with rheostat brightness control.. The ring light will fit all the zoom stereomicroscopes in our range and will fit others providing they have parallel sided turrets up to a maximum of 65mm in diameter.



Dual LED Light Source

This is one of our own LED light source units that has been used only as a demonstration unit by ourselves. Rheostat brightness control with a double flexible light that delivers as much brightness as a 100watt fibre optic system. Condition excellent.

Price £58.33 + vat



Leukhart Shapes

Leukhart shapes are brass L shapes that can be used on a glass base to make variable sized square or rectangular shapes for paraffin wax embedding prior to microtomy. The group consist of 5 shapes and 3 pieces of glass.



Leitz film strip printer

Complete with its original box and instructions this ia a film strip printer fro Leitz. In good condition


Price £12.50 + vat

Leitz Orthoplan Objective Turret

In very good condition this is the objective turret from a Leitz Orthoplam microscope.



Zenith Biolam Kohler light source

Normally sold with the Biolam R26, this unit will fit all Zenith Biolam models. It is positioned as a ‘side arm’ and has bulb position adjustments, a focusing adjustment, iris diaphragm and mirror tilting adjusters. Good condition and complete with a new transformer box.



Reichert Zetopan Mechanical Stage

This is a mechanical stage for the Reichert Zetopan, it has a dovetail fitting making it specific for that microscope. Double vernier scale and coaxial movement controls, Condition excellent.

Price £54.17 + vat

Reichert Zetopan Mechanical Stage Attachment

In excellent condition, this is a mechanical stage attachment for the Reichert Zetopan polarising microscope circular stage. X and Y controls with double vernier scale.


Reichert  Dark Ground Condenser

In excellent condition a Reichert oil dark ground condenser. Dovetail fitting as in the Reichert Zetopan.


Vickers Image Splitting Eyepiece

Made by Vickers, this is an auxiliary device for microscopes whereby the image formed by the microscope objective is divided by beam dividers into two parts which form two split images which are movable for the purpose of measuring linear distances in the object plane of the microscope, and for measuring such distances along any meridian in said plane. In good condition

Price £54.17 + vat


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