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Nikon Phase/DIC Condenser

In excellent condition this is a Zernicke pattern DIC and Phase Contrast condenser. Achr - Apl 1.35. Bright field position, phase contrast Ph1 and 2 with DIC 20, 40 and 100. Complete with iris diaphragm and polarising filter.

Price £458.33+vat

Brunel Educam

This is an ex demonstration analogue microscopy system. Finished in black the flexible arm allows the camera lens system to be introduced into the eyetubes of all standard compound microscopes and via a simple eyetube adapter to stereomicroscopes. The unit will function in the same way as a x10 widefield eyepiece allowing the equivalent image size and field of view to be displayed on a monitor that accepts avi and bnc input, whiteboard or TV with equivalent input. Condition perfect.


Schnelder Wide angle camera lens

An excellent example of this quality German made wide angle lens. A Super Angulon 47mm 5.6 lens which gives a 105 degree coverage angle. Stops 5.6 to 32.

Price £258.33+vat

LED Ring Light

An unused double row LED ring light. The transformer power box has an on/off switch and brightness control. Will clamp onto a parallel sided stereomicroscope with a diameter up to 65mm


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Ziess Jena Condenser

This is an aplanatic n.a. 1.4 Ziess Jena condenser. Clamp fitting to a dovetail. Excellent condition.


LED Ring Light

An unused double ring LED lighting unit. This will clamp onto any parallel sides zoom stereomicroscope with a diameter up to 65mm. On/off switch and brightness control. A neat compact unit


Phillips CCTV Camera

A colour CCTV  analogue camera provides a colour image on ant TV monitor. Cables and simple CCTV adapter included. Condition good.


Objective Fibre Optic System

This is a fibre optic light source designed to deliver incident light around an objective. The light source is a 150 watt unit with a flexible fibre optic delivery  that is able to clamp via thumb screws onto most objectives. Good value.


MSE Sledge Microtome

This is probably the best microtome ever made for the sectioning of large and hard specimens. This particular example has been well used but this does not detract in anyway from its effectiveness. It has been fully serviced by our own engineer who trained on this microtome in NHS pathology more years ago than he is prepared to admit! Complete with sectioning knife.


Cambridge Rocker Microtome

The Cambridge Rocker Microtome was first designed by one of the sons of Charles Darwin and it remains probably the ideal instrument for those new to microtomy, and for cutting ribbons of sections of smaller plant and animal tissues has never been bettered. This unit is in very good condition and is complete with cutting knife and specimen chuck. Recommended.

Price £141.67 + vat


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