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Nikon Phase/DIC Condenser

In excellent condition this is a Zernicke pattern DIC and Phase Contrast condenser. Achr - Apl 1.35. Bright field position, phase contrast Ph1 and 2 with DIC 20, 40 and 100. Complete with iris diaphragm and polarising filter.


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Schnelder Wide angle camera lens

An excellent example of this quality German made wide angle lens. A Super Angulon 47mm 5.6 lens which gives a 105 degree coverage angle. Stops 5.6 to 32.

Price £258.33+vat

Analogue CCTV Camera

Apart from HDMI cameras which are quite expensive, analogue cameras still give the best smoothest  moving images on a TV screen. The TV needs an AV1 input.

Price £79.17 + vat

Brunel Dual Light LED Unit

Used only by ourselves for customer demonstrations this unit is one of our most popular lighting systems. It has dual LED flexible arms with rheostat controlled brightness. A very economical alternative to the expensive fibre optic systems, offering exactly the same level of illumination.



10mm Diameter Circular Coverslips

Six boxes of 100 10mm circular coverslips. Chance number 1½ . Excellent value.

Price £20.83 + vat

Brunel Ring Light

This unit is a fluorescence ring light for a stereomicroscope that produces a ‘softer’ lighting effect than the current LED ring light alternatives. Simple on/off switch and we have replacement strip lights - if needed.  

Price £40.00 + vat

Cambridge Rocker Microtome

The Cambridge Rocker Microtome was first designed by one of the sons of Charles Darwin and it remains probably the ideal instrument for those new to microtomy, and for cutting ribbons of sections of smaller plant and animal tissues has never been bettered. This unit is in excellent condition and is complete with cutting knife, specimen chuck, and a plate glass sharpening kit with carborundum powders. This is a collectors piece as well as being an excellent microtome. Recommended.

Price £250.00 + vat

54 LED Ring Light

An LED ring light for stereomicroscopes. This unit has a double ring of LED’s with an inner and outer ring that can be used either individually or separately with individual brightness control. Used by ourselves for customer demonstrations. Fully guaranteed.

Price £58.33 + vat

Zeiss Jena Slide Viewer

This is an ingenious piece of equipment that was probably designed to look at film negatives. However it is an ideal instrument for making microscope slides where the positioning of elements on the preparation are critical - such as whole insect mounts for example. The viewer has transmitted lighting and a range of magnifications that displays the slide details onto a screen. This leaves the hands free to manipulate the subject into the correct positioning. It is quite impressive in the way that it works. Ideal for the serious slide maker.

Price £245.83 + vat

COVID 19 Update

We are currently trading online only but delivering as normal. We are operating with a much reduced number of staff which allows us to operate a rota system that removes any social contact and adheres to Government instructions.
Our customer demonstration suite remains closed for obvious safety reasons. However, we would be pleased to support special interest Zoom meetings by arrangment.

Keep safe at this difficult time.

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