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Zeiss (Oberkochen)

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Zeiss  Binocular

A Carl Zeiss binocular biological microscope in excellent condition and all original. For those wanting a quality microscope without unnecessary complication this is an ideal instrument.  x10 wide field eyepieces with x4, x10, x40 and x100 (oil immersion) objectives giving a magnification range of x40 to x1000. Mechanical stage with coaxial controls and a fixed condenser lens that has a flip in/out lower lens to make the condenser appropriate for the objective being used. Coaxial coarse and fine focus controls. 6v 20 watt tungsten illumination with brightness control. A very nice well made microscope. Highly recommended

Price £295.83 + vat

Zeiss Fluorescence Light Path

This is a Zeiss mercury vapour fluorescence light unit complete with lamp housing and mercury bulb but no transformer. The mercury bulb is 50 watt. The system has the 2Fl cubes and is in excellent condition.

Price £162.50 + vat

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Before the unification of Germany, there were two Zeiss factories. Carl Zeiss located in Oberkochen and Carl Zeiss GmbH located in Jena. This section is for the Oberkochen products often referred to as West German Zeiss.

Zeiss Demonstration Eyepiece

A Carl Zeiss teaching eyepiece adapter. The central eyepiece fits into the standard eyetube of any monocular microscope. It has a pointer system that can be introduced into the field of view and mov ed to point out specific parts of the slide being studied. On the end of the side tube is a second eyepiece which has independent focusing which ensures the image is in focus for both observers. Date from approximately 1950 but still works perfectly.

Price £33.33 + vat

Zeiss Jena Centring Slide

We have included this Zeiss Jena item here because of its rarity value. Dating from about 1920 this is a numbered cross hair slide used for centring the rotating circular stages of polarising microscopes. Its presentation box is in truly excellent condition. A collectors item.

Price £154.17 + vat

Carl Zeiss Condenser (2374)

This is a Carl Zeiss Achro-Aplanatic condenser with a numerical aperture of 1.4. Flange fitting with iris diaphragm. Very good condition.


Price £75.00 + vat