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Polaroid Micro SLR Camera

As new, automatic or manual modes. sheet size 4 ½ x 4 ½ inches, built in exposure meter with override. suitable for compound and stereomicroscopes.

Price £83 + vat

Vickers Measuring Micrometer System

A rare Vickers accessory for accurate distance measuring. Mounted on a M17 monocular head, the x 10 kellner eyepiece has micrometer control of the distance between two hairlines. Centring mechanism.


Brunel Stereomicroscope Ring Light

This is a ring light that will fit all or our zoom steromicroscopes and other makes up to a diameter of 55mm. There is a double row of 54 LED lights in total with brightness control. This is a new unit used only by ourselves for customer demonstrations. Full guaranteed.

Price: £62.50 + vat

YHDO Analogue CCTV Camera

A  high resolution analogue CCTV camera for TV. BNC and S-video connection. 12v power source supplied together with BNC to AV cables. Unused and still its packaging.

Price £95.00 + vat

Bench Clamp Microtome (2476)

This is a bench clamp hand microtome. It needs specimens to be embedded in paraffin wax or held forcibly between support media such as carrot slices. Sections are cut with a free hand razor

Price £25.00 + vat

Microscopy Accessories

Swift Phase Contrast Condenser

In very good condition this is a Swift Zernike phase contrast condenser with phase rings for x10, x40 and x100 phase objectives and also a bright field position. Numerical aperture 1.1 and part number 646971

Price  £56.67 + vat


Watson Stage Micrometer

This is an excellent example of stage micrometers before they became transfers. Watson was one of the trusted suppliers at that time. The scale is divided into 0.01 and 0.001 divisions. This is by other measurers a collector’s piece.


Zeiss Jena Universal Condenser

This is a condenser unit from Ziess Jena with dovetail fitting. There are three alternate condenser units that will rotate into position, Aplanat (n.a. 1.4), achromat (n.a. 0.3) and a oil darkfield unit. Condition very good.


Price £45.83 + vat

Stereomicroscope LED Ring Light

This is a new item recently introduced to our range of lighting. The 78 LED’s are arranged in two concentric rings. The control box allows brightness control.. The ring light will fit all the zoom stereomicroscopes in the Brunel range and will fit others providing they have parallel sided turrets up to a maximum of 65mm in diameter.


Price £62.50 + vat

13mm Circular Coverslips

Ten boxes of 100 coverslips that are 13mm circular and No:1½ thickness. Originally supplied by CellPath but unopened




Leitz Freezing Microtome

This is not really for the amateur but for those with some experience of microtomy. The microtome was used to cut frozen sections of fixed material by using the sudden expansion of compressed carbon dioxide gas from a cylinder. The connection pipe and freezing stage are present but should only be attached to a cylinder of gas by those who are experienced with the procedure. It currently has a stage that will take paraffin blocks attached to a wooden chuck which can also be sectioned by this microtome. Sectioning knife included. The microtome is clearly well used but is fully functional.

Price £325.00 + vat

Martock Stage Micrometer

These days most standard stage micrometers are in effect transfers. This is a micrometer from a time when accuracy was required and transfer technology was unreliable. This micrometer consists of diamond etched ruled lines. 0.5 inches divided into 0.01 to 0.0005 inch lines. Prepared by  Martock Designs Somerset.


Zeiss Jena Drawing Attachment (2305)

This is a Zeiss Jena drawing attachment that will fit most monocular tube microscopes. The unit fits in place of the eyepiece and produces an image on paper placed next to the microscope that can then be traced round. To be fair this is now almost an antique item but it still works as the makers intended. Complete with original wooden case.  



Meiji Auxiliary Objective

This is a MA526 x0.75 auxiliary stereomicroscope objective lens that amplifies the magnification of Meiji stereomicroscopes by x0.75. Condition as new


Baker Condenser

This is a Baker microscope standard Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm. In good condition.


Photonic High Power Ringlight

This is as good as a ringlight can get. The Photonic HPRL unit has 8 individual LED lights that can be operated in segments (half, quarter and eighth circle) or as a complete ring with continuous dimming. There is no separate control box and there are both right and left hand controls. Autorotation with variable speed  is also possible Colour temperature 5800K. Mounting is via a compression ring for objectives with a diameter of 66mm. List price in excess of £800 + vat. Condition excellent.

Price £312.50 + vat


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Other Equipment






CCTV Camera

A very compact CCTV camera with BNC and S-video output options. Costar branded. For those who want a TV image from their microscope, this maybe ageing technology but represents a bargain.

Price £ 37.50 + vat

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Brunel Digicam UCMOS 1.3M Camera

Used only by ourselves for customer demonstrations. The Brunel Digicam Cameras are stand alone streaming cameras that provide a continuous live image to a laptop or PC. The Digicam units work with Windows (from XP to 10). Unlike the Eyecam, these cameras need a cctv adapter to link the camera to standard microscope eyetubes and the cctv adapter can be inserted into the monocular eyetube (23.2mm), or one of the binocular or into the trinocular tube of almost all microscopes. USB 2.0 Aptina CMOS sensor. Sold with CCTV adapter, USB lead and software - a saving of £68.

Price £81.66 + vat

Meiji ML Condenser

This is a new and unused condenser for the ML series of the Japanese Meiji compound microscope. Abbe condenser with a numerical aperture of 1.25 with iris diaphragm, Massive discount from list price

Price £43.33 + vat

View Solutions Objective Ring Light

This is actually an unused unit. A halogen light source with a fibre optic ring light designed to fit around an objective to provide incident lighting. The ring light has thumb nuts that allow it to be attached to objectives with an external diameter of 18 to 33mm maximum. The fibre optic itself is flexible and 800mm in length. Exceptional value.

Price £205.00 + vat

Wooden Slide Boxes (3102)

Those that make and want to keep their own slides are always looking for ways to keep them safely. Here we have three wooden slide boxes that have never been used. Each has spaces for 100 3x1” slides stored on edge and the lid has an index 1-100. Three boxes all unused.

Price £38.33 + vat

Brunel Ringing Table

This is one of our own products that has proved very successful over the last 5 years. The key to a good ringing table is the speed of spin, this has a ball bearing race that gives an exceptional speed. This together with the wrist support  makes it a product that does ‘what it says on the tin’ - only better. Condition excellent


Stereomicroscope Ring Strip Light

This Brunel ring light will fit all our zoom stereomicroscopes with the appropriate adapter. It may also fit other makes providing the stereohead has a parallel sided cowling and is less than 65mm in diameter. The unit consists of a fluorescent circular strip light which attaches to the bottom of the stereohead. The ring light is 240v with an on/off switch and provides excellent vertical illumination that is softer than LED lighting. This is a new product used only for our assessment purposes.

Price £45.00 + vat

Stereomicroscope LED Ring Light

This ring light will fit all our zoom stereomicroscopes with the appropriate adapter. It may also fit other makes providing the stereohead has a parallel sided cowling and is less than 65mm in diameter. The unit consists of double ring of 86 individual LED’s in a compact arrangement that has a direct brightness control attached.The ring light is 240v with an on/off switch. This is a new product used only for our assessment purposes.

Price £60.00 + vat

Reichert Zetopan Fluorescence Contrast Unit

Reichert developed a fluorescence system that also had a a contrast effect. These are very rare these days and this unit is complete with both systems and in its original wooden box. A rare opportunity,


Stereomicroscope Polarising Ring Light

This is a new addition to our lighting range and has been used only by ourselves for product assessment. The ring light has 78 individual LED’s and a polarising filter system that can be rotated to reduce glare from highly reflective surfaces such as metals. This unit will fit all the zoom stereomicroscopes in the Brunel range. It may also fit some other makes providing the stereohead cowling has parallel sides and is less than 65mm in diameter.

Price £104.17 + vat

Microscope Case

This is a wooden microscope case for those microscopists that have to ‘marry’ their microscopy passion with the furniture of their homes. The back and bottom of these cases are from block MDF but the rest of the case is from ‘real wood’ - medium oak. Carrying handle and lock and key. This is a substantial case and not really designed for microscope transport but for microscope stowage in full view. External dimensions 480mm height, 400mm depth and 300mm width with internal measurements 430mm height, 350mm depth and 260mm width. A piece of furniture rather than a microscope case.

Price £70.83 + vat