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Microscope Eyepieces

Pair of Watson x7 Eyepieces

A pair of Watson x7 stereomicroscope eyepieces in good condition.

Price £18.33 + vat

Set of Leitz Eyepieces

A set of Leitz 30mm diameter eyepieces inscribed Geo Lab 944b, c, d and e. Two are x10 and two x5. Complete with the original satin lined case. A collectors item.

Price £79.00 + vat

click on the images to see a larger picture

click on the images to see a larger picture

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C.T.S x8 Eyepiece

A Cooke Troughton and Simms x8 compensating eyepiece. CTS equipment is slowly getting rare these days. The condition of this eyepiece is good for its age.

Price £8.33 + vat

x5 Photoeyepiece

A x5 photoeyepiece. This would produce a photographic image that would equate to the image seen down the microscope with x20 eyepieces. Good condition.

Price  £23.33 + vat

Pair of x16 Eyepieces

In very good condition this is a pair of x16 eyepieces DIN standard with exit lens diameter of 11mm. Fits standard size eyetubes.

Price £18.33 + vat

Baker Area Eyepiece

This is a very unusual and novel eyepiece from the days when microscope technology was at its best. Manufactured by C Baker it probably dates from the 1920’s but has a standard eyetube diameter which means it will fit almost all microscopes. The collar has markings from 1 to 6 and as this collar is rotated through the scale the field of view adjust with a square diaphragm area to

equal the scale readings. Very unusual.

Price £23.33 + vat

x15 Olympus Eyepiece

In good condition for its age this is a x15 Olympus eyepiece.  Fits standard eyetubes of most microscope makes.

Price £11.67 + vat

Nikon Graticule Eyepiece

In good condition this is a Nikon measuring eyepiece with an independent focus mechanism. Linear graticule scale.

Price £20.83 + vat

Pair if x10 Wide Field Eyepieces

A pair of new 30mm diameter PL x10 wide field eyepieces marked as being suitable for glasses wearers. Condition new.

Price £45.83 + vat

Vickers x6 Eyepiece

A Vickers x6 eyepiece in good condition. Fits standard 23mm eyetubes

Price £10.00 +vat

Olympus x10 Eyepiece

An Olympus x10 wide field eyepiece B1 code. Fits standard 23mm eyetubes

Price £12.50 + vat

Bausch and Lomb x30 Eyepiece

A good example of this American made Bausch and Lomb eyepiece. x30 wide field. Standard eyetube size with focusing front lens.

Price £21.67 + vat

Vickers Phase Telescope

In very good condition this is a Vickers phase telescope used for aligning the phase rings of objectives with their equivalent condenser rings. Telescopic focusing with a screw thread.

Price £20.00 + vat