Nikon Photography System

In very nice condition this is a Nikon AFM film camera photosystem with a Nikon M-35S camera back. Parallax focus system with target eyepiece. Standard Nikon fitting. A collectors piece.

Price £170.83+ vat

Nikon Phase Contrast Condenser

In excellent condition, this is a Nikon Zernike phase condenser with bright field and phase contrast positions for x10, x20, x40 and x100 infinity phase objectives. Numerical aperture 0.90

Price £137.50 + vat


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Nikon is a Japanese microscope manufacturer of a range of quality instruments including super resolution, confocal and live cell screening systems.

Set of Nikon  Objectives

This is a set of Nikon quality objectives that are optically suitable for the Nikon ‘S’ type microscopes. They are in excellent condition and are marked x10 plan (0.25), x40 Apo plan (0.80) and x100 Hi plan (1.30) oil immersion. 160mm tube length and corrected for 0.17mm coverslip thickness.  

Price £91.67 + vat


Nikon  Binocular Head

A Nikon binocular head complete with Nikon eyepieces Fits the older style N series microscopes. Finished in black and in good condition. Interocular and dioptric adjustments. x10 wide field eyepieces with integral eyecups.

Price £95.83 + vat

Nikon Auxiliary Objective lens

In excellent condition this is an unused Nikon supplementary objective x0.4. This will reduce by a  the microscope magnification range and increase the working distance.

Price £20.83 + vat

Nikon TMS Inverted Binocular Microscope

The TMS is one of the classic Nikon microscopes that were built specifically for the examination of tissue cultures. This is a very good example of the TMS and is all original. x10 wide field eyepieces set well above the stage plate. The microscope has rheostat controlled 6v 20watt halogen illumination. This TMS has a good turret of objectives that are all 160mm tubelength.

 This is an excellent microscope at a very realistic price considering its heritage

Price £495.83 + vat

Nikon Abbe Condenser

A flange fitting relatively modern Abbe condenser with an integral  iris diaphragm and a numerical aperture of 1.25. Condition excellent

Price £46.67 + vat

Nikon Optiphot 2 Binocular

The Nikon Optiphot series were considered amongst the best and most durable of microscopes and were principally responsible for elevating Nikon into prominence as one of the leading manufacturers of quality microscopes. The Optophot 2 was introduce in the early 1990’s and is still widely used professionally today because of its durability. It is unmistakable because of the leatherette wrist supports on either side of the base. This is a binocular version with its original EPlan objectives in very good condition: x4 (0.10), x10 (0.25), x20 (0.40), x40 (0.65) and x100 oil immersion (1.25) couples with CFWN wide field x10/20 eyepieces.

The Kohler illumination system has an external light box housing a 12 volt 100 watt lamp. The front of the stand has the brightness control system that responds with an LED line which reflects the lamp brightness and there is also a photography override button to provide optimum illumination.

The ‘leatherette’ inserts in the base were design for wrist comfort when using the focus controls, as a result watches and bracelets do tend to leave their marks although on this unit they are quite reasonably preserved. As would be expected there are a few small chips to the paint enamel on the base. A Nikon classic at a very good price.  



Nikon SKT Lamp Unit (3164)

This is a lamp unit complete with bulb for the Nikon SKT microscope. These units are no longer available in the open market.

Price £40.00 + vat

Nikon Slide Marker

This is an ingenious device for marking areas of interest on coverslipped slides. Often used in path labs for marking areas of tissue or cervical smears for further discussion.  It has a standard RMS screw thread at one end so that it can be fitted to the objective turret of any microscope. At the other end is a felt ring impregnated with black ink which is spring loaded so you can lower it onto the slide and rotate it to leave a black circle over the interesting part.


Price £58.33 + vat

Nikon Achr-Apl Condenser (2299)

This is a modern flange fitting Nikon condenser. An Achro- Aplanatic unit with a potential numerical aperture of 1.4. Iris diaphragm condition excellent



Nikon Condenser (2294)

This is a modern flange fitting Nikon condenser. An Abbe condenser with a numerical aperture of  1.25. Integral iris diaphragm and in excellent condition.



Nikon SKT Binocular (3159)

This is one of the Nikon classics with both bright field and phase contrast options. The microscope itself is in excellent condition for its age and the significant feature is that the lighting has been converted to LED. SKT’s had a very specific lighting unit and power cable system which is increasingly difficult to replace. This problem is gone with the LED system which bypasses these issues. The lighting is now  a full Kohler system. The bright field objectives are x4, x10, x40 and x100 (oil immersion) with a bright field condenser.  There is also a full Zernike phase contrast condenser with x40 and x100 (oil immersion) DLL phase contrast objectives. The usual SKT features include full mechanical stage and coarse and fine focus controls. The binocular head has the original x10 wide field eyepieces. This is an excellent microscope for current use or indeed as a collectors item. Microscopes like these do not come along very often

Price £405 + vat