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Leica Microsystems GmbH is a manufacturer of superb optical equipment. Leica Microsystems is a successor company of Ernst Leitz that was founded in Germany in 1869.

Leitz Stand Alone Light Unit

This is one for the collectors. An all original Leitz stand alone light source. Pole base stand with a lamp unit that has tilt, focus and a filter slot. Original Leitz transformer unit. In very good condition for its age

Price  £175.00 + vat

Leitz Incident Light System

An incident light system that will fit the Ortholux and SM-Lux microscopes. Double iris and filter slots. Condition fully functional but cosmetically average hence the price.

Price £95.00 + vat

Leitz Condenser

This is a Leitz dovetail condenser with a numerical aperture of 0.25 and focal length of 62. From the inversion of the markings it was probably from an inverted unit originally. No iris diaphragm.

Price £37.50 + vat

Ernst Leitz Crosshair Slide

This is really a collectors item, a crosshair slide for centring circular rotating microscope stages by Ernst Leitz. Dates from about 1920 and in very good condition

Price £45.00 + vat

Leitz Projection Attachment

Before the digital world with its cameras and projection devices arrived, it was somewhat unique to be able to share microscope images with others. This Leitz projection attachment was designed to do just that. It clamped over the eyepiece of a microscope and its prism deflected the image that the microscope saw to a screen. A part of our microscope history.

Price £41.67 + vat

Leitz Photography System (3144)

This is a vintage piece of equipment perfect for the Leitz collector. A Leitz Wetzlar photography uit complete with photoeyepiece and a focusing ‘periscope’ that has a grid for target decisions. Shutter speed options and a port for cable release. Relatively rare in working order these days.

Price £38.33 + vat

Leica x100 HCX Objective (3147)

This is an M45 screw thread Leica objective of excellent quality. It is a x100 plan fluotar oil immersion objective that is infinity corrected with a numerical aperture of 1.30 and corrected for a coverslip thickness of 0.17mm. These do not become available too often these days. The general condition is excellent  


Price £204.17 + vat

Leitz Ergonomic Binocular Head

This is a very rare Leitz product. It is an ergonomic head that allows angle of  the eyetubes to be adjusted through about 30 degrees to suit the height of the individual. It will fit the following Leitz models Laborlux  K, 11, 12, and D, Dialux 20, 20EB, 22 and 3A. Eyepieces not included. Condition excellent.

Price £187.50 + vat

Leitz Laborlux 12 Binocular (3103)

In 1986 Leitz re branded itself as Leica a name formed from the first three letters of its founder (Leitz ) and the first two of the word camera for which it was also renown. This Laborlux 12 is one of the most popular Leitz microscopes. There would be few pathology laboratories throughout Europe that would not have used these models as their standard workhorse as they combined a sturdy built quality with excellent optics. This good example has a binocular head  with periplan x10 eyepieces suitable for those preferring to keep the glasses on. Original Leitz objectives in very good condition x10 EF (0.25), x40 EF (0.65) and x100 EF oil immersion (1.25). The x4 and x25 are parfocal new plan objectives to replace existing objectives that did not still meet the standard required. Coaxial low position coarse and fine focus controls. Kohler illumination with a 6v 20 watt lamp in an external light box. Stage surface, apart from a small scuff area caused by slide being repeatedly added to and removed,  and body work in very good condition for its age. A very good buy.


Price £398.33 + vat

Leitz Parallax Photography System

This is a Leitz Wetzlar photography system in full working order with two cable releases. Complete with its original box it looks hardly used and would date from the early 1950’s. It has preset shutter speeds and the focusing eyepiece has cross lines to aid focus. It is rare to find complete units in good condition these days. A collectors piece.

Price £112.50 + vat

Leica GLS 150X Light Source

This is a Leica fibre optic halogen light source with brightness control and a Swiss made (Volpic) fibre optic ring light that will clamp onto any stereomicroscope with a parallel sides bottom lens up to a maximum diameter of 65mm. Condition excellent.

Price £175.00 + vat

Leitz Diamond Slide marker

This item really belongs in the Antiques section of this web site. It would date from 1900 or so. It consists of an RMS screw thread and mimics an objective except that it has a small diamond mounted at its end and slightly off centre so when lowered onto the slide/coverslip and rotated it leaves and etched circle for future reference. Complete with original ‘objective’ pot

Price £75.00 + vat

Leica Stereomicroscope Spot light

In very good condition, this is a Leica focusing spot light for use with stereomicroscopes. Quartz halogen lamp unit with brightness control.

Price £75.00 + vat

Leitz Vintage Counting Chamber (2304)

This is a Thoma red cell counting chamber that could also be used for worm egg or yeast counting. However its real value is as an antique with the E Leitz logo and is complete with coverslips and its original case

 Price £45.00 + vat

Leitz Laborlux S Binocular (3104)

This is a very good example of the Leitz Laborlux S. This must have been one of  the most prolific microscopes from the Leitz range and there would be few pathology laboratories throughout Europe that would not have relied on this model for their diagnostic services. This unit has stood the test of time really well. We have reconfigured the objectives so that they are a mix of Leitz originals and new plan objectives which we have provided. The x10 EF and x40 EF are the original Leitz objectives and the x4, x25 and x100 are our own plan objectives that are parfocal with the original. The body work is good with just a few small chips to the paint work at the front. It has a large stage in very good condition with drop down coaxial controls and a flip top condenser. Kohler illumination with a 6v 20watt external lighting system. Recommended at this price.

 Price £387.50 + vat

Leitz Laborlux 12 Trinocular (3106)

The quality of Leitz  (and now Leica) microscopes needs no endorsement here. This is a trinocular Laborlux 12 with phase contrast options. It has a Zernicke phase condenser with a bright field and dark field options as the condenser plate is turned. The microscopes has a mix of objectives to make full use of these options. Leitz phase objectives x10, x20 and x40 with x4 and x100 (oil immersion) new plan objectives that are parfocal with the originals. This provides excellent imagining for all three optical systems. Large stage with, as would be expected, some scuff marks caused by slides over the years with drop down coaxial controls.   Kohler illumination with 6v 20 watt halogen lighting. The general bodywork is good. The x10 periplan eyepieces are suitable for spectacle wearers should they need to keep their glasses on. Extremely good value.

Price £498.33 + vat