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Almost a century ago  the thing that everyone wanted was a microscope because of this books about microscopes and specimen preparation were as plentiful as books (and Youtube videos) are today about computers and the Internet. Sadly the interest in microscopy - particularly amongst young people has diminished. As a consequence the number microscopy books have also diminished. Fortunately because the Laws of Optical Physics and the methodology of specimen preparation has not changed much in a century, these classic books are now worth their ‘weight in gold’.  

The Microscopic Photographs of J B Dancer

John Benjamin Dancer was an optician who lived most of his life in Manchester. He was the inventor of microphotography. The Dancer microscopic photographs averaged 1/8” inch in diameter and were produced as a scientific novelty to be viewed through a microscope. This excellently presented book brings together for the first time a nearly complete representation of the Dancer 1873 collection with biographical information on each microscopic photograph. Written by Brian Bracegirdle and James McCormick. Hard backed with 280 pages and a hard backed sleeve. Condition excellent

Price £40.00


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A set of 3 books dealing with Algae and Desmids (3130

Consists of ‘Introduction to the Algae’, by Ian Morris - paper backed with 189 pages and index. ‘Desmids of the English Lake District’ by Lind and Brook - many drawings , paper backed with 123 pages and index. ‘The Algae’ by V J Chapman - an extensive description, hard backed with 472 pages and an index - many illustrations.


God Bless the Microscope

Written by Gerard L’E Turner (a prolific microscopy book writer) this is a complete history of the Royal Microscopical Society (RMS) over 150 years. Hard backed with 166 pages and some excellent photographs down the ages. Excellent condition.

Price £10.00

The Book of the Microscope

This is exactly the sort of microscopy book that needed to be written for current publication. This is one in a series of ‘how to’ books that were very popular when this was written in 1935. Clearly targeted at the beginner to microscopy the book covers the use of the microscope and specimen preparation techniques. Recommended for beginners or returners of advanced age! Hard backed with 245 pages and an index,

Price £10.00

Handbook of Practical Bacteriology

The wealth of knowledge that we now have about bacteriology was established many decades ago, and we would do well to remember what we know already about bacteria particularly in the light of antibiotic resistance. This book was virtually the ‘bible’ of bacteriology. Written by Machie and McCartney it is the reference book for bacteriologists. Hard backed and first written in 1945, it remains very relevant. 719 pages with an index. Its volume simply describes the life work of these authors.

Price £15.00

Under the Microscope

Written by three authors; Curry, Grayson and Hosey. This is the complete microscope book at a level of detail well suited to the amateur microscopist who doesn’t want to be bogged down in too much detail. It takes you through the structure of the microscope and even tells you how to make one! Other chapters deal with mounting specimens, minerals, photography and more specialised methods. Many photographs and illustrations. Printed in 1982 it is hard backed with 160 pages and an index. A good book.

Price £12.00

Quekett Club Journals

This is Series 4, volume 2, no’s 1-3 of the Journal of the Quekett Microscopical Club edited by H. Dennis. Published just after the end of the Second World War as life was struggling to come back to normal, volume 2 had only three numbers dated April 1945, February 1946 and April 1947. Obviously these show signs of their age but are all complete and intact. A collectors item.


Price £56.00

Quekett Club Journals

This is a complete Series 4, volume V, no’s 1-16 of the Journal of the Quekett Microscopical Club edited by H. A. Dade. Published during the period after the Second World War when life had returned to some sort of normality. The numbers date from 1958 through to 1961. Obviously these show signs of their age at the edges but are all complete and intact.  

Price £66.00

Light Microscopy in Analysis

This is an excellent book that describes how microscopy plays its part in all aspects of modern life including the production of plastics, food, forensic investigation, water supplies, brewing etc with many more applications. Written by Simpson and Simpson it is hard backed with 215 pages and an index. A very instructive tome. Condition excellent.

Price £12.00

Scientific PhotoMACROgraphy

As the title suggests this is a book that is concerned with the photography of scientific specimens under low power magnification. Without doubt this is the challenging end of magnification and photography. Written by Bracegirdle the content is clear and precise. RMS series number 31. It deals with both transmitted and incident illumination. 105 pages with an index

Price £17.00

Fundamentals of Light Microscopy and Electronic Imaging (3120)

This is an excellent book detailing the fundamentals and laws of light physics behind the various types of microscopy including polarisation, phase contrast, DIC, modulation contrast, confocal and fluorescence. It is definitely not for the beginner or those wanting to know how to make slide preparations, But if you want to know why and how these different types of microscopy work then its for you. It has many diagrams and illustrations and the odd mathematical formula. Hard backed with 368 pages and an index.

Price £20.00

Applied Optics and Optical Engineering

This is a book for the serious microscope user. It deals in detail with the process and the theory and practice of microscope lens production. If you have ever wondered how it was done this is the book for you. Written by Rudolf Kingslake and published by  Academic Press it is hard backed with 374 pages and an index

Price £13.00

The Evolution of the Microscope

When it comes to the evolution of the microscope together with its history there are few more prolific authors that S. Bradbury - his name assures quality of material. This book of his follows the evolution of the microscope from its first days to the development of electron microscopy. If microscopes are your thing this is the book for you. Hard backed with 353 pages and a name and subject index. Recommended.  

Price £14.00

Elementary Microtechnique

If making microscope slides is your thing, then this is a must have book. The skills and knowledge that makes this possible just isn’t in microscopy books today. This volume as you can see has been well used probably in a laboratory situation, but the information between its covers is priceless. All aspects of slide preparation are covered in detail with recipes and practical tips in abundance. Hard backed with 330 pages and an index. Recommended

Price £20.00

Honeybee Anatomy Brought to Life (3121)

Written by Graham Kingham and published by Northern Bee Books - this does exactly ‘what it says on the tin’. The structure and anatomy of the honeybee is covered in full with many excellent illustrations both macroscopic and microscopic. Soft backed with 184 pages and a glossary. Good condition particularly valuable to beekeepers studying for their British Beekeepers Association Module…

Price £10.00

The Microscope (3134)

Written many years ago by Theodore Stephanides its content remains very valid for todays microscopes. Put simply it describes the component parts of microscopes and how they should be used correctly. Books like this don’t seem to get published these days. Hard backed with 160  pages and an index.

Price £8.00

Collecting Microscopes

There is quite a large number of microscopists who collect the instruments themselves, and this is a book that would be essential reading for all microscope collectors. Written by Gerard L’E Turner it covers the Christies Collectors Series. Hard backed with many superb colour photographs. It was first published in 1981 and has a list of values of microscopes from that date. It is quite straight forward to adjust these values based on the decades. Recommended.  


Textile Fibres under the Microscope

This is a really good book on the subject with excellent photographs and it covers the different wool fibres, animal fibres, cotton, vegetable fibres and synthetic fibres. It is hard backed with 57 pages but for the subject matter there is no equal.

Price £15.00

Microscopical Mounts and Mounters

Probably the most prolific author in the relatively modern microscopy world is Brian Bracegirdle and this is yet another of his publications. One of the most popular areas of microscopy is the collection of antique microscope slides from the Victorian era.and this book seeks to provide what is known about these individual slide mounters who made a good living from providing prepared slides for those with the funds to afford microscopes but who did not want to get their hands ‘dirty’ preparing the slides!  

Price £18.00


Plant Microtechnique and Microscopy (3122)

An ideal book for those that specialise in botanical microscopy. Very much from a practical perspective it covers plant microscopy in great depth. Not really for the beginner in this area but for those with prior experience. It has multiple appendices covering microscope issues, buffers and even histochemistry.  Paper backed with 322 pages and an index with illustrations where needed.

Price £18.00

RMS Dictionary of Light Microscopy

This is an excellent book compiled by the Nomenclature Committee of the Royal Microscopy Society. The clue is in the name - a wealth of information. RMS series number 15. 138 pages with an index.

Price £12.00

Biological Microtechnique (3123)

We are delighted to see this fine publication back in print. Written by J B Sanderson, it is an easy to read practical guide providing readers with all the knowledge they require to prepare better and more informative slides. Many pictures and diagrams. Part of the Microscopy Handbook Series, it has been out of print for some time but is now available again @ £45 which is expensive but in our view the information it contains is well worth it. However this used copy in good condition is now a bargain.

Price £15.00

A Natural History of the Lakes, Tarn and Streams of the English Lake District (3127)

A book with a long title! However for those with an interest in fresh water life, particularly in the Lake District, this is the definitive book for you. Written by Geoffrey Fryer it covers the full gambit of natural history in this area including as well as microscopic life, rock formation, history and water movements. In the main it deals with microscopic life but also plants, beetles, flies, molluscs and fish. Paper backed with 368 pages and index, with many illustrations.

Price £12.00

Light and Video Microscopy (3124)

An in depth account of all aspects of microscopy to a very high level. Certainly not suited to the relative beginner to microscopy. However if the physics of light formation and its relevancy to microscope images could add to your existing knowledge then this would be a very valuable book.

Hard backed with 288 pages and an index.

Price £18.00

Digital Microscopy (3125)

This is another excellently presented tome that has a title that suggests it might be of interest to anyone with an interest in taking photographs with a microscope. However although it is an excellent publication with exceptional illustrations it is only  for those who need advanced level support in this area. Hard backed with 608 pages with a truly amazing final section of colour photomicrographs.

Price £20.00

Invertebrate Zoology (3128)

This is the 3rd edition of a definitive work on as the name says invertebrates. Written by Meglitsch and Schram, it is the book you need if invertebrates are your interest. The content includes everything from the microscopic to the crustacea. Masses of drawings, it is an excellent book. Paper backed with 620 pages with both a glossary and index.

Price £19.00

Integrated Principles of Zoology (3129)

This is a book that is so complete about it subject matter and so large that it is difficult to understand how the authors managed to pull it together in their life time! Written by Hickman and Roberts it literally covers all of Zoology and the complex relationships therein. A monster of a book - hard backed with 1065 pages with glossary and index.

Price £26.00

Qualitative Polarised Light Microscopy

A book for those with a keen interest in microscopy. Written by Robinson and Bradbury - who both know what they are talking about! This is part of the RMS series of publications - number 09. It deals with the somewhat complex area of polarisation microscopy is a very sensible way - including DIC. 120 pages with an index. Condition excellent.

Price £16.00

Microscopy of Textile Fibres

This is one of the RMS series of microscopy books. Written by Greaves and Saville, it deals with the identification and measurement of fibres for polarising light microscopy and also scanning and transmitted electron microscopy and also confocal light microscopy. 92 pages with an index . Still available by special printing at £45.

Price £15.00

Food Microscopy

This is number 30 in the RMS series of books. Written by Olga Flint it covers the microscopy of food . It is amazing where starch manages to show up. This is no longer in current production. A very interesting book with 125 pages and many illustrations together with an index. Condition as new.

Price £10.00

The Revealing Lens (3131)

This book was written by Brian J Ford who is an authority on microscope publications designed to make the understanding of microscopy easily understood. He is now a ‘senior’ citizen of the microscopy world having been born in Wiltshire in 1939. Like all of his books this is  very revealing and takes us through the journey of what microscopes have been able to tell us over time. Hard backed with its original dust cover it has 208 pages with an index and many photographs.   

Price £10.00

Illustrated Dictionary of Natural History (3132)

The name of the book tells you everything. Whatever you need to know about natural history its in here. Written by Lincoln and Boxshall it is difficult to imagine how on earth they gathered together all this information. That apart, there are over 10 thousand entries with many having illustrations. A soft backed volume with 413 pages. Worth every penny!

Price £15.00

Introduction to Crystallography

A very specialised RMS microscopy handbook series 19. If the microscopy of crystals is your interest this is the book for you. However it is not really for those with a passing interest in crystals. This book is where geometry meets microscopy. 122 pages with an index. Condition very good.

Price £12.00

Unbiased Stereology

This book deals with how to make three dimensional measurements in microscopy. Written by C V Howard and M G Reed and is part of the RMS series. What is impressive is that the authors deal with this in a practical way that is easy to understand and they avoid complex mathematical formulae. They cover number estimates, length and particle sizes etc. 246 pages with an index. Condition very good.

Price £15.00

Experimenting with the Microscope (3133)

This is definitely a book for the relative beginner. Written by Krauter. It has a section that is really a refresher about the use of the microscope. However, the main part of the book deals with the process of making slide preparations from basic substances, such as foodstuffs (tea, coffee and tobacco), wood, textiles and paper and experiments with blood, bacteria and moulds. Soft backed with 223 pages with an index and many illustrations.

Price £10.00

The Microscope Made Easy (3135)

The title of this book says it all. Written by Laurence Wells, it has two sections. The first is a brief introduction to the microscope itself and the second more substantive covers how to make preparations of just about everything. Several colour plates. This book stand the test of time and is ideal for the ‘beginner’ or relatively new to the subject.


Price £8.00

Histological and Histochemical Methods (3139)

This book would be the ‘Bible’ for anyone that is seriously into slide preparation. It is the equivalent of Mrs Beetons Cookbook in microscopy slide making. There is probably no methodology that is not here. Full recipes with the detail of how to prepare the solutions and how to use them. For those wanting to go even further there is a section on Histochemistry which is really Chemistry on a microscope slide. Not really for the beginner, but a must for those who are serious about slide preparation. 606 pages with an index.


Price £20.00

The Technique of Photomicrography (3140)

Taking good photographs through a microscope is a science - or even an art form- in itself. This book may have been written at a time when rolls of film were needed, but the knowledge that it gives is every bit as relevant in today's digital world. The only difference being that with a digital image you can ‘cheat’ and make it better than it was at the beginning. With this book you would not need to. Written by Douglas F. Lawson it is hard backed with 256 pages and an index, and of course illustrations.

Price £10.00