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Brunel MX6T Stereomicroscope

This is an excellent example of one of our most popular stereomicroscopes at the entry level. It has x10 wide file eyepieces with dioptric adjustment and interocular distance. The MX6T has inbuilt incident and transmitted tungsten halogen illumination that can be used either together or independently. The magnification options are x10 or x30 and there are alternative frosted glass plates or black/white dissection plates included. In excellent condition this unit appears as ne SOLD

Explorer Gemscope

This is a Gemscope based on the Apex Explorer stereomicroscope and is unused. Finished in black enamel to minimise reflections and with both incident and reflected halogen lighting which is brightness controlled. Magnification options are x20 and x40 that are selected by rotating the stereo head. Complete with a gem clamp and dark ground attachment. Rack and pinion focusing.

Price £185 + vat

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Apex Explorer Plus

Only used by ourselves briefly for customer demonstrations (before ‘lockdown’) In excellent condition, this is one of our most popular student stereomicroscopes. Eyepieces x10 wide field with a x1 and x3 objective pairs giving overall magnifications of x10 and x30. Full rack and pinion fine focus. Stage clips with a reversible black/white dissection plate. 45 degree angled head. LED incident and transmitted LED lighting with brightness control.

Price £116.67 + vat

Perry Stereomicroscope

Another of the classic British stereos with a very characteristic shape and paint finish. This model has standard 23mm eyetubes with original wide field eyepieces. The characteristic rotating turret has a x1.4 and x4  objective set giving overall magnification options of x14 and x40. The microscope has inbuilt tungsten transmitted lighting (but no incident light unit). This is now probably a collectors item although still optically fine.

Price £145.83 + vat

Meiji RZ LED Base

The Meiji RZ stereomicroscope is a top end,  quality  instrument, and this is part number RZTLED with a list price of £990 + vat. This unit is new and unused and complete with its original packaging. It provides an LED transmitted light source with brightness control, a central dissection area and specimen clips. Massive saving.



Meiji RZ Stereomicroscope

The RZ Series features a parallel optical system design which allows for quick change and easy introduction of intermediate optical components such as an independent beam-splitter, coaxial illuminator, drawing tube, video or photo attachment. The system is engineered around a Common Main Objective (CMO) and parallel optical paths, the RZ Series offers crisp, distortion-free, high-resolution images at magnifications ranging from 3.75X to 300X. Depending on the objectives and eyepieces, This particular model has x1.5  x0.75 and x0.5 plan objectives and x10 super wide field eyepieces.The RZ features a 10:1 zoom ratio, built-in variable double-iris diaphragms, and positive détente click stops at 12 positions of magnification. Two perpendicular columns of eight zoom lenses in four groups move in a smooth continuous motion by rotation of the ergonomically sized and positioned zoom control. A magnification indicator is conveniently located on the zoom control. This combination gives a magnification range of x1.88 to x112.

A coaxial coarse and fine focus mechanism with a 50mm focusing range is provided for ultra-smooth and precise focus control. The lighting on this unit is particularly impressive and flexible, there is an independent LED ring light with brightness control and the microscope base itself a mechanical stage driver for precise movement of specimens and a glass plate for illumination.

The standard trinocular head is inclined at 45° with an interpupillary adjustment ranging from 46mm to 75mmand has distortion-free, ultra wide field eyepieces with rubber eyecups. The condition of this microscope is excellent. It is a fine stereomicroscope.

The current list price for a microscope of this specification is £11238 including VAT.


Brunel DT10 Stereomicroscope

Used only by ourselves this is effectively a new microscope with a full guarantee. The DT10 is a click stop stereomicroscope that can alternate between x10 and x20 magnification with the wide field x10 eyepieces. The plain stand has rack and pinion focusing throughout its length and has a central reversible black/white stage plate and stage clips. Condition pristine

Price £198.33 + vat                                                                                 

Leica MZ6 Long Arm Stereomicroscope

This is a modern Leica zoom stereomicroscope on a substantial long arm system. It is all original and in good condition throughout. x10 super wide field eyepieces with independent focus control. The magnification zoom range is from x6.3 to x40 via two side arm controls. The head is binocular and in good condition. The stand is substantial in size but not overly heavy because the central pole  is hollow. The  interlocking of the two parallel arms is excellent and gives the unit great stability.

Price £754.17 + vat

Brunel BSR Stereomicroscope

Used only by ourselves for customer demonstrations, this is effectively a new microscope and is fully guaranteed. This version of the BSR is a click stop magnification variation rather than the objectives lens being stretched for the continuous zoom effect. This does provide better resolution. The magnification options are x5.5, x10, x17.5, x30 and x55. The main objective lens is a plan x1. Eyepieces x10 wide field. An excellent optical performance. The stand has incident and transmitted lighting. The incident is rheostat controlled halogen and the transmitted is an on/off strip light that gives a good even field illumination.

Price £495.83 + vat

Brunel BM1 Long Arm Stereomicroscope

This long arm stereomicroscope was originally supplied by ourselves and has come back to us because of unfortunate circumstances after a relatively short time. It condition is excellent. It has x10 wide field eyepieces with x1 and x2 objective pairs meaning that it offers two magnification options of x10 and x20. The relatively heavy base acts as a counter balance for the microscope head which is held by the horizontal arm between the observer and the bench. This unit has a flexible arm LED unit which allows cold light to be angled as best appropriate for the specimen. Excellent value.


Leica EZ4 Stereomicroscope

This is a new stereomicroscope that is complete with its Leica dust cover. Quick start guide and  Leica badged cleaning brush and is unused. As well as having the expected excellent Leica optical performance, and the continuous zoom magnification runs from x13 to x56 with the x10 and x16 wide field eyepieces  The EZ4 has an ingenuous 7-way flexible and adjustable LED illumination system with transmitted, incident, and oblique lighting that allows for high contrast viewing of any type of sample. The lights can be switched independently or combined, and can be controlled via the membrane switch towards the back of the base. The EZ4 contains a Greenough optical system and because of the parfocality of the optical system, the image remains in focus from the lowest magnification to the highest. The membrane switch and glass stage plate are sealed into the surface to prevent the accidental entry of liquids that could damage the transmitted-light illuminator. The eyepieces are sealed in place to prevent loss or damage and   provide optimal viewing conditions, whether you wear spectacles or not.  The 60° viewing angle is equally ergonomic for all heights and  the eyepiece tubes adjust simultaneously from 50 to 75 mm to provide the correct personal interpupillary distance for all users. An exceptional price for a new quality stereomicroscope.


Leica M165C Trinocular Stereomicroscope

It is not very often we have the opportunity to offer a stereomicroscope with a pedigree of this standard. The condition is as new and we offer this at a very significant price advantage (just check the Internet!) The brand Leica does not need an introduction, the quality of both the mechanical and optical performance speaks for itself.

The stereomicroscope head is trinocular with a x1 PlanApo objective and has a 16.5:1 manual zoom that gives a magnification zoom range of  x7.3 to x120 which in itself is very impressive.

The lighting system is ideal for specimens that have a reflective surface such as the carapace of beetles.

A top quality stereomicroscope at an exceptional price.


Price £554.17 + vat