Used Microscopes

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As well as having one of the largest range of microscopes available in the UK, Brunel Microscopes are also specialists in supplying reconditioned preowned microscopes and we have a separate web site dedicated to this equipment - all microscopes are serviced and where necessary reconditioned by our qualified technical staff and all equipment carries a full 2-year guarantee. Research level equipment from the leading brand names such as Leica, Zeiss, Olympus, Nikon are very expensive indeed and buying preowned models is often the only way that these microscopes can be afforded by private individuals and start-up businesses. We know this equipment and the parts that need particular attention in a preowned model. In many ways, these instruments are from the ‘golden age’ of microscopy and have superb optical performance – you can’t wear out a microscope by looking through it! It is only natural that people are concerned about the availability of spare parts and in particular replacement bulbs. We never sell microscopes without being sure that we can maintain them with spare parts and replacement bulbs and we have an extensive collection of these. Microscopes are our business – we sell nothing else and we understand them and I am pleased to say that we are renowned for our after sales service.